Covid-19 Susceptibility Test Warns Risky Individuals in Turkey and Bulgaria

covid fitness test warns risky individuals
covid fitness test warns risky individuals

The Turkish player of the global bioinformatics industry, Gene2info, informs people about the risk of contracting the virus and whether they will pass it under severe conditions if caught, with the COVID-19 Susceptibility Test it has developed. The test is of great importance for individuals who should not relax the measures in Turkey, which is in the process of normalization.

While Turkey has lifted the restrictions with the spread of vaccination, the normalization process has accelerated. However, the epidemic is not over yet. It is still important to strictly follow the measures to avoid catching the disease. Scientists warn that some individuals may pass COVID-19 under severe conditions, especially depending on their genetic makeup. The COVID-2 Susceptibility Test, developed by Gene19info, the Turkish actor of the global bioinformatics industry, reveals the risks of catching the coronavirus and the risk of severe complications if caught. The COVID-19 Susceptibility Test has also started to be conducted in Turkey.

Risks of contracting or dying from the virus

Bahadır Onay, CEO of Gene2info, which develops diagnostic kits and offers bioinformatics solutions for the diagnosis of genetic diseases, said, “COVID is actually a viral infectious disease and there is a genetic predisposition to infectious diseases. When we look at COVID-19, we see that a certain part of the people who are caught get sick, and 3 percent of those who are sick die. Apart from those with chronic diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure, the reason for these personal differences is genetic differences in the defense system that responds to the virus. We experienced this with tuberculosis or HIV disease before COVID-19, so it was known genetically who would get AIDS and who was at risk of contracting tuberculosis, but since COVID-19 is so new, it took a while for this genetic information to emerge, so now We can tell who is at risk for COVID-19, who can be severe enough to be hospitalized, or who is at risk of losing their life from this disease, by looking at their genetic structure,” he said.

Developed in Turkey by Gene2info

Stating that these tests were created as a result of examining the genetic maps of approximately 500 thousand patients, Bahadır Onay said, “We have two groups of tests. The first is testing for susceptibility to coronavirus. It gives information about how severe the disease will be, as high-medium-low risk. The second determines whether you have genetic mutations that pose a life-threatening risk for Covid-400, where nearly 19 immune system genes are all sequenced. The critical point here is that when an obese 70-year-old man with diabetes catches the coronavirus, his life risk is obviously very high. What we are talking about is that we know that a healthy man or woman aged 25-30 is at risk of life due to genetic mutations they have.”

After the test, it is recommended that individuals who are prone to COVID-19 or at high risk of genetic mutations in the immune system should continue the precautions strictly.

Choose tests prepared by scientists

Stating that there are other similar tests in the world, Bahadır Onay said, "Our most important difference is that we give this test with a very detailed report and with genetic counseling. Here, we warn against choosing reliable, scientifically-referenced, serious tests prepared by scientists. We have been developing tests with this method for years, and we are using the same method in the test we developed for COVID-19. As Gene2info, we are currently providing this service in Turkey and Bulgaria, and we can offer this service to different countries abroad when demand comes.”

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