Conveyor Belt Manufacturer Habasit in Every Sector Thanks to Its Wide Product Range

conveyor belt manufacturer habasit in every sector thanks to its wide product range
conveyor belt manufacturer habasit in every sector thanks to its wide product range

Switzerland-based conveyor belt manufacturer Habasit's Turkey Sales Manager Tolga Kaynak stated that they are able to serve every sector with their structure and unrivaled wide product range.

Habasit Turkey, a subsidiary of Switzerland-based Habasit AG; carries out the tailor-made customization and sale of products such as conveyor belts, plastic modular belts, plastic chains, toothed belts and engineering plastics in Turkey.

Habasit Turkey Sales Manager Tolga Kaynak states that there are approximately 2-400 items in stock among a total of 450 products, and emphasizes that one of the biggest features that distinguishes Habasit from its competitors and distinguishes it from the competition is its product variety.

Noting that the textile, food, automotive, tire and material handling sectors stand out as the four main sectors that their companies focus on, Kaynak states that they exist with their products in almost every sector.


The source giving information about the establishment and structuring of the group and the Turkish organization; “Habasit, a Swiss-based company, It started its activities by entering this sector by producing belts from animal skins during the period when the textile industry accelerated as of World War II. As polymer technology developed after 1946, it made this business more plastic-derived raw materials. Main fields of activity; to produce conveyor belts, process belts and power transmission belts. Apart from this, it also produces some engineering products that support the conveyor construction and offers a complete solution. In addition to its Headquarters in Reinach, Switzerland, we have facilities that manufacture products from raw materials in various countries, including 3 in Italy and the USA, 1 in England and 1 in the Netherlands, apart from Switzerland. In addition, Habasit has its own facility in 35 countries, which, like Habasit Turkey, manufactures the work, cuts and cuts raw materials according to the customer's demands and needs, and adds accessories if necessary. We appeal to almost every sector, we have a product portfolio that can offer solutions to all sectors, regardless of sector. We operate in three major regions: Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East and America. We can reach the end user, the machine manufacturer directly, or we can reach the manufacturers/end users through our dealer channels and business partners. Habasit has around 4 employees and around 250-300 dealers globally. Turkey organization, which was represented by dealership in the past, has been providing services in Turkey under the name of Habasit Turkey since 2008.” said.


Stating that this decision of Habasit Turkey, which has been operating in Turkey for 13 years, is a strategic decision taken with its growth rate, Tolga Kaynak said; “Because Habasit made an aggressive growth decision, and after seeing both the growth rate and the potential in various sectors, this was a strategic decision to reach customers directly, not through dealership channels. In fact, we have seen in about 13 years how accurate it is. Our company has grown very rapidly in these 13 years and has reached approximately 2008 times when our sales started in 6. Especially after the serious leap in the last 5-6 years, it has reached a saturation. We started to invest in the organization; We have made some investments in terms of both mechanization and human resources. As the growth took place, our first factory in Yenibosna was not enough and we moved to our current facility in Tuzla in 2015.” used the phrases.


Habasit Turkey Sales Manager Tolga Kaynak stated that they have been operating in their current facilities for about 6 years; ”After starting with a smaller, core organization, our number of employees today; approximately 20 blue-collar personnel and 30 white-collar personnel reached 50. We have a wide product range with our sales and after-sales assembly and technical service. We have approximately 2-400 items of which we keep stock in Turkey, among a total of 450 different products. Therefore, one of the biggest features that distinguishes Habasit from its competitors is its product variety. We also have big competitors globally, but our product diversity is among our important features that distinguish it from the competition.” said.



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