Call of Duty New Season Arrives On June 28

call of duty new season is coming in june
call of duty new season is coming in june

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Mobile “Deep Waters” begins Monday, June 28, and the beloved character Ghost returns to the game.

Although Ghost seems to have disappeared in previous seasons, never to return, he is making a surprise return in season 5. In the new season, players will help Ghost turn the tide of battle in the nautical-themed “Sea of ​​Steel” event. Season 5 of the game will be available for Android and iOS download next week with three new maps, new characters, lots of lucky draws, new weapon templates, 50-level battle pass and much more.

While the Call of Duty: Mobile ship is in full swing, the content and updates that will come with the new season are as follows:

Three New Maps

Suldal Port: Players will enjoy fighting by the sea on this medium-sized tactical map with ship chests, narrow streets, and close-quarters interiors. The map will be playable in 5v5 and 10v10 game modes.

Shipyard: A shipyard on the River Thames awaits players on this small symmetrical map, which offers a different gameplay experience with plenty of vertical structures. Players will be able to face each other as they wish, either indoors or outdoors. This map can also be played in gunfight mode.

Aniyah Raid: Players will have the chance to explore a bombed-out palace that appears above an environment surrounded by military supplies and wards. Suitable for encounters inside the luxurious palace or in open areas, the map can be played in 10v10 and Attack of the Undead modes.

Seasonal Event – ​​CODM calls all players onto the deck for fierce naval combat in this new time-limited “Sea of ​​Steel” event! In this event, players will join either Ghosts or Federation teams, try to take over territories by bombarding their enemies, and earn rewards by completing a variety of daily missions. At the end of the event, the party that captures the most points on the map will win the game, and seven different weapons and templates are added to the game, such as the “The Stripe” M16 rifle and the “The Standard Issue” MW11 pistol.

World Championship 2021 – As the Championship enters the final days of Stage 1, Stage 2 will begin on 1 July. Players who qualify for Stage 2 will compete in 256 matches in Ranked Multiplayer to be placed among the top 30 teams in their region. Stage 3 Regional Qualifiers will be open to all.



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