Button Pressed for Export to USA

button pressed for export to usa
button pressed for export to usa

EGİAD Global Trade &Communication, which operates with the American Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATCCI) to help establish and expand a business in the United States, with the online meeting organized by the Aegean Young Business People Association; It was introduced to young business people who want to export to the USA.

EGİAD The meeting, chaired by Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, President of the Young Business People Association, was attended by New York-based Real Estate Investment Company Focus Pointe President Alex Demirhan Demir, Connecticut-based Aerospace and Defense Company James Serhad Kilincoglu, New Jersey-based Cisco Corp. Sinan Odes from a technology company, Serkan Eren from Florida-based Renq – Furniture, Kurt Gökhan Ölçer, President of Global Trade & Communication LLC, Providence St. Murat Tanyeri from Joseph Health and Serpin Alparslan, GT&C Turkey Representative attended as speakers.

He made the opening speech of the meeting attended by many business people. EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that trade centers such as the American Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATCCI) and Global Trade Communication have undertaken an important function. EGİAD stated that these institutions make a very important contribution to the American market for the business world.

Increasing the Trade Volume Target of the Two Countries to 100 Billion Dollars

Yelkenbiçer pointed out that they are working to contribute to the realization of the targeted $100 billion trade volume between Turkey and the United States and to increase the efficiency of Turkish companies in the US market, and said, “For a company that wants to move forward with the goal of international trade, receiving support from people who have previously opened abroad and have a good command of the process both risks and risks will also reduce costs. Another even more effective way to achieve this would be to benefit from the knowledge and experience of our stakeholders, such as our esteemed guest today, the American Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry. ATCII is a private non-profit membership organization based in Seattle and New York that supports increasing the bilateral trade potential and investment levels between Turkey and the United States. The United States is represented in 21 states with high trade volume. Its main objectives are to promote social and commercial relations between individuals and institutions operating in the United States of America and have relations or investments in Turkey, facilitate the competition of Turkish exporters in the international arena, and improve market diversity. America is a market that adorns the dreams of Turkish exporters. For this, there are joint strategy preparations on the basis of chambers and unions. For example, the target of the furniture export project carried out by the Central Anatolian Exporters' Association, which is affiliated to TİM, is to export 50 million dollars to the US furniture market of 100 billion dollars in the first place. However, within the scope of the G20 Leaders' Summit, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan increased the trade volume target of the two countries to $100 billion and expressed their will to further the mutual economic relations. This is an important goal before us.” said.

We Think Commercial Momentum Will Increase After Joe Biden Meeting

Referring to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's meeting with US President Joe Biden this month, Yelkenbiçer said, “We think that the commercial momentum will increase after this meeting. We hope that global trade will regain its strength, economic activity will revive, the investment environment will progress positively, and Turkey will continue to grow. We believe that Turkey's strong industry, with its flexible production power and high potential, will be one of the most important driving forces of the post-Covid growth trend. EGİAD As today, we will continue our information activities in order for Turkey and especially the Aegean Region to get a larger share from global trade. We aim to guide our exporters in the right way so that they can adapt to the ecosystem of the US market and to gain an advantage in foreign trade.”

Collaborations Will Strengthen The Relationship Between The Two Countries

The working principles of the American Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which operates in order to increase the volume of direct trade and e-commerce between the United States and Turkey, and the opportunities it provides to Turkish business people, were explained in detail, and the importance of business-oriented thinking, rather than political considerations, was emphasized. Speaking at the meeting, Kurt Gökhan Ölçer, President of Global Trade & Communication LLC, pointed out that politically oriented thinking comes first in Turkey, while trade and business development activities are of higher priority in the USA, adding, “Business people in Turkey focus too much on politics. This is why they are more pessimistic about trade. Business in the US does not focus on politics. Unless there is a direct attack on their country, they act on a win-win basis. In the pandemic process, for example, the importance of the health sector was understood once again, and we purchased a health package of around 40 million dollars from Turkey. Everything is dynamic in America. The business world needs to act data-oriented. Not only investments from Turkey to the USA, but also investments from Turkey to the USA are among our scope. American companies investing in Turkey have created more than 100 jobs. At the same time, we can hold bilateral talks between Seattle and Izmir to be sister cities.”

Stating that investment opportunities are open in sectors such as technology, internet, ready-made clothing, retail, food and beverage, real estate, construction, and luxury furniture, contributing to the recently signed 100 billion dollar investment agreement between the two countries will strengthen commercial and political relations for both the USA and Turkey. was stated to contribute.

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