BRC Renews LPG Conversion by Focusing on the Development of Automotive Technology

brc renews its LPG transformation by focusing on the development of automotive technology
brc renews its LPG transformation by focusing on the development of automotive technology

LPG conversion was renewed with a focus on the development of automotive technology. The world's largest manufacturer of alternative fuel systems, BRC, reduces the need for gasoline to almost zero with its maestro kit, guarantees fuel savings of up to 42 percent, and prevents compatibility problems with vehicle-specific software and electronic unit. With the Maestro kit, which can be applied to direct injection vehicles, it will be able to convert high-tech vehicles to LPG.

Automotive technologies are advancing at a dizzying pace. While carbon emission values ​​are decreasing day by day, engine volumes are getting smaller and fuel efficiency is increasing. Although performance has always been an important criterion for automobile users, new elements such as fuel economy and environmentalism attract more consumers.


Stating that leading automotive manufacturers broke sales records with BRC Turkey conversion kits, BRC Turkey Board Member Genci Prevazi said, “BRC stands out with its collaborations with important automotive brands in Turkey and in the world. With the kits we produce specifically for the best-selling brands in Turkey, cars get 'zero kilometer' LPG conversion. When we examine the purchasing behavior of consumers in the last year, you can see that fuel economy is the most important selection criterion. We, as BRC Turkey, have developed the most advanced LPG conversion kit, Maestro, aimed at fuel economy.”


Genci Prevazi, Board Member of alternative fuel systems giant BRC Turkey, said, “While automotive technologies were developing rapidly, alternative fuel systems could not be expected to remain bystanders. We targeted high-tech vehicles with direct injection with our Maestro kit. High-tech vehicles largely meet the expectations of consumers in terms of both environmental and fuel economy. Opening high-tech vehicles to LPG conversion with the Maestro kit will double its effects with LPG, which is more environmentally friendly and more economical.


Stating that LPG vehicles need a certain amount of gasoline to work with SDI kits with old technology, Genci Prevazi said, “In SDI kits with old technology, LPG vehicles need a certain amount of gasoline consumption. This consumption can easily exceed 100 liter per 1 kilometers. The Maestro kit consumes less than 100 grams of gasoline per 150 kilometers. It does not need gasoline during operation. In addition, with the Maestro kit, we guarantee fuel savings of up to 42 percent after conversion. You can cover the cost of the conversion with the kilometers you make in a short time.


Emphasizing that the Maestro kit performs the fuel control with the AFC electronic unit, Prevazi said, “With the revolutionary AFC electronic unit, the New BRC Maestro kit performs the fuel control without the need for adjustment, Örücü said, “The Maestro kit was developed specifically for the vehicle as a result of long tests in BRC R&D laboratories. A superior engineering product that fits perfectly. It is able to guarantee perfect driving and fuel economy without the need for any adjustments by human intervention.”

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