Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Will Reshape the World

blockchain and cryptocurrencies will reshape the world
blockchain and cryptocurrencies will reshape the world

The 'ALL IN BLOCKCHAIN' Congress, which was highly anticipated and attracted great interest, took place online. Viewers received answers to their questions about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies from experts in their fields.

All details about Blockchain technology, which has entered our lives with crypto money and different digital applications, and crypto money, which has become one of the most popular investment tools of the last period, were discussed at the 'ALL IN BLOCKCHAIN' conference. While great interest was shown in the online conference, the questions in the minds were answered from A to Z by the experts.

“Cryptocurrency usage will continue exponentially”

Speaking at the session on "Bitcoin and Blockchain Revolution in Global Finance" at the 'ALL IN BLOCKCHAIN' congress, where cryptocurrencies and investment tools, which are one of the most popular and curious investment tools of the new era, are discussed, Journalist Writer Erkan Öz said that cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular in daily life with each passing day. He stated that he had too much. Öz said, “The sum of paper and coins used worldwide is 6.6 trillion dollars. When we look at cryptocurrencies, we see that there are currently 7 million dollars, but the developments show us that this figure will continue to increase exponentially, and at the same time, countries and corporate companies will turn to cryptocurrencies to store value.

“Do not store the password of your private safe online”

Openness to the security questions that arise in the minds of many cryptocurrency investors kazanHakki Pehlivan, the founder of Bitcoincuzdanim, said, “Cryptocurrency Wallets - How to Keep Crypto Assets Safely?” In his speech in the session titled “Digital wallets have different types and their security is ensured with a 24-word password. These wallets prove that the crypto asset belongs to you. Reliable wallet providers should be preferred in the supply of this wallet. These wallets are very simple to use. If you say you have crypto money, you should definitely get this wallet. Dozens of fraud methods have emerged recently. Keep your 24-word password in a place where no one can reach it, do not share it with anyone and do not keep the words in the digital environment.

“There is no room for sentimentality in investing”

Stating that investors act very emotionally and psychologically, BBSmartBot CEO Tarık Eroğlu said, “Trading requires a strong psychology. As human beings, we have many weaknesses. KazanYou may not always be in the same mood and with the same attention when trading with the greed and fear of losing. Panic buying and selling disrupts your entire trading discipline, causing you to lose more or miss out on a bigger profit. You can prevent this with Algorithmic Trading. BandB Smart Bot takes care of that load for you. Bots do not have any kind of indecision and transactions made with emotions. It is programmed to carry out the strategy in a disciplined way,” he said.

“Social trading platforms that everyone can join will be a revolution”

Making an evaluation in the session titled Innovative Investment Tools and Social Trade, Paratica Co-Founder Ali İlhan Hacıfazlıoğlu stated that social trading platforms that everyone can participate in will be a revolution and said, “Social networks offer highly effective methods for finding and discovering new products that may be of interest to users. they experience uncertainty in accessing cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. The development of social trading platforms will provide easy and simple access to these investment tools, so that everyone will be able to easily trade in this world.”

“Blockchain technology is a new perspective kazanwill squawk”

Founding CEO of TrueFeedBack, which came to the market from Turkey, Ali Osman Çığıkdiken stated in the session titled “Truefeedback: Blockchain Platform of the Data Economy” that the Blockchain Platform can offer a solution for companies that want to develop a new product to research what consumers' expectations are regarding the product. different project have different cryptocurrencies. The easily accessible cryptocurrency market also offers simple but effective solutions in terms of data collection. When a new product is launched, it is possible to reach consumer habits through surveys they can organize on TrueFeedBack and this data can be used in product development. The increase in such projects and new perspectives on the economy kazanDomestic projects should increase even more," he said.

“Central Banks are turning to digital money”

The speakers, who also evaluated digital currencies at the 'ALL IN BLOCKCHAIN' congress, stated that the central banks of many countries have started to work on digital currencies. Meral Şengöz, Foreign Trade Finance and Digital Foreign Trade Applications Consultant, stated that China has started to use the digital Yuan and said, “Now, the need for physical money is decreasing. At the 2022 Olympics, the Chinese government plans to actively use the digital Yuan. While some of the European countries are doing research for digital money, 18 countries have even started to experiment, we even know that the central bank in our country has put digital currency studies on its agenda.

“We are just at the beginning of the way in Blockchain Technology”

Experts who participated in the congress as speakers stated that Blockchain technology entered our lives a short time ago and that it is only at the beginning of the road, and it was also revealed that it should be adapted very quickly, brought into the country and used actively.

Journalist and writer Cüneyt Başaran, who stated that there is a cumbersome structure especially in foreign trade, said, “There is also a very serious resource consumption in this slow-working structure. Money transfers are particularly problematic. Blockchain technology eliminates extra costs while running the business simultaneously. With this technology, foreign trade transactions can be done much faster, more transparently, safely and cheaply.

Basaran also reminded that the world's big banks have started to provide crypto money services, "European countries are researching how to integrate cryptocurrencies into their ecosystems. Institutional firms have come to the point of keeping some cryptocurrencies in their portfolios,” he said.

Ayşegül Şensoy, CMO of XYZ Technology, said, “While 30 minutes are of great importance in money transfer in today's markets, these markets close for 48 hours on weekends and the economy is kind of stagnant. It is possible to make 7/24 uninterrupted transactions with blockchain and crypto assets.”

More than 40 experts in the 'ALL IN BLOCKCHAIN' Congress, Blockchain Applications and Developments in the Banking and Finance Sector, Uses of Cryptocurrencies in Daily Life, Cryptocurrency Trading and Things to Consider, Innovative Investment Tools, Bitcoin in Global Finance and While conveying detailed information to the participants by addressing the most up-to-date topics such as Blockchain Revolution, Fundamental Analysis Methods in Cryptocurrencies, NFT and Verifiable Attribute Comparison, Global Developments in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Who Would Want to Use Blockchain, Why, and Capturing Long-Term Value in Crypto Finance, They also answered questions.

KingKong co-founder Sevim Delibaş stated that the AllinBlockchainTurkey conference will be held physically in the coming days in line with the conditions.

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