Great Transformation 5000 New Housing Project Started in Üsküdar

big transformation new housing project started in uskudar
big transformation new housing project started in uskudar

Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum said, “We are starting a new phase of 5 thousand residences, which concerns not only our Üsküdar, but our whole Istanbul, the earthquake transformation and urban transformation of Istanbul." said.

In his speech in the urban transformation program of the “Great Transformation 5000 New Housing Project in Üsküdar”, the Minister Institution said that they followed the process like a construction site supervisor, architect and engineer.

Explaining that the transformation works carried out in Üsküdar with the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan started with the construction of the Büyük Çamlıca Mosque, the Institution stated that the district will become much more beautiful and greener with the completion of these projects.

Noting that they will take a new step together with the Çamlıca Mosque and Its Surrounding Urban Transformation Project, the Institution said:

“We are starting a new phase of 5 thousand residences, which concerns not only our Üsküdar, but our whole Istanbul, the earthquake transformation and urban transformation of Istanbul. We have always wanted this, let's show our citizens an exemplary transformation. Let them live here together with their low-rise neighbors and the residents of Kirazlıtepe. We wanted them to send their brides to the same neighborhood with their neighbors, to have their wedding together, to share their pain at the funeral, and to live in the same culture, and we realized a project with this understanding. We have completed the first phase of the project, which consists of approximately 2 thousand independent sections in Kirazlıtepe in total, and it has truly been a project worthy of Üsküdar, Kirazlıtepe. I am sure that we have satisfied all our entitled citizens in this sense.”

Noting that the transformation initiated in Kirazlıtepe will continue in the Ferah, Küplüce and Mehmet Akif neighborhoods, the Institution said, “We have provided safe housing for 20 million citizens in the last 45 years, with the regulations in both the building inspection and the Urban Transformation Law.” used the phrases.

Minister Kurum, who thanked everyone who contributed, especially President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, continued his words as follows:

“We will continue to make this transformation decisively. In doing so, we will obtain the consent of our citizens, and we will be in unity of heart. We will do it on the spot, fast, with the principle of volunteering, with an understanding that will not make them suffer in any way. As in every project we have done so far, we have not done or had any work done despite our citizens. We will continue this understanding in our urban transformation projects, in Üsküdar, in our Ferah Neighborhood, in Küplüce and in our Mehmet Akif Neighborhood. I hope we will realize this beautiful transformation together with our citizens.”


Minister Murat Kurum stated that Üsküdar is the apple of the eye of Istanbul and that Istanbul is the apple of the eye of Turkey.

“We see serving and reviving this city as a service not only to our country, but to the whole world, to all humanity. In the last 20 years, we have invested more than 100 billion liras in the field of environment and urban planning in Istanbul. This is only investments made in the field of environment and urbanism. Apart from this, many investments were made such as our hospitals, tunnels, highways, tourism facilities, industrial areas that will provide better services to our citizens and increase employment. Currently, we have an ongoing investment of 20 billion liras in the field. Believe me, with the love of serving the nation, our governor, our mayor, our deputies, our entire team, we are working day and night, and we will continue to work. We will make a policy of works, we will do a politics of service, we will always come to the fore with works and we will not back down from this understanding one day."


Emphasizing that they built 15 thousand social houses for low-income citizens and delivered them to their owners, the Institution said that these citizens began to live in earthquake-resistant houses as if they were paying dues.

Explaining that they have solved the property problems of citizens in 39 districts of Istanbul, the Institution said, “We want him to have no problem with the state, nothing to expect from the state. We say let's do everything he says in order and according to urgency.” said.

Expressing that they are working to minimize the effects of climate change, the Institution noted that they have increased the green areas in cities for this purpose. Stating that they have built 6 national gardens with a total size of 40 million square meters in Istanbul, the Institution also explained the project they carried out with Üsküdar Municipality as follows:

“I hope, our ministry, together with Üsküdar Municipality, will undertake an important project to revise the current deplorable state of the Validebağ Grove in the center of Istanbul and to bring the green, nature and historical values ​​to light only, without damaging the historical texture, registered structures, and without any new construction. and as of Monday, our landscaping project in Validebağ starts. With an investment of approximately 50 million liras, we will hopefully build and revive a work that will really add value to Üsküdar, Validebağ and Istanbul. I hope this project will be good luck to Üsküdar in advance.”


Noting that they also built sound and noise barriers to solve the noise problem, Kurum explained that they implemented waste water treatment plants and parking lot projects. Pointing out that the construction of Atatürk Cultural Center is carried out by TOKİ Presidency, the Institution said, “I hope this project will be put into service of our Istanbul brothers and sisters very soon.” said.

Noting that they are making efforts to make Istanbul the world's largest urbanization brand by building the Istanbul Financial Center, the Institution stated that the project in Ümraniye will begin to serve next year. Underlining that this project will add brand value to Istanbul, the Institution said, “It is very important for the unity and future of this country that our financial system is standing right after the earthquake. Therefore, all kinds of earthquake scenarios have been designed and thought out, our financial center will also serve as of next year and will directly provide employment to 50 thousand people.” used the phrases.

Saying “We are staff of faith”, Kurum continued his words as follows: “We believe that as Istanbul develops, Turkey grows, as Istanbul gets prettier, Turkey becomes more beautiful and the world becomes more beautiful. In addition to all these, our priority, especially in our earthquake transformation mobilization, is Istanbul. I regret to say that the master Yahya Kemal said, 'Even loving a plain neighborhood is worth a lifetime.' This saintly city, which he calls the most beautiful work of our civilization, is unfortunately under the threat of an earthquake. At the top of the list of risky regions in our country, Istanbul comes first. In this sense, we are working to make Istanbul ready for earthquakes, neighborhood by neighborhood, street by street, on the spot, on a voluntary and rapid basis.”

Reminding the building that collapsed on its own in Kartal, Istanbul, the Institution explained that 6 months after this event, they carried out the transformation that would bring the neighborhood culture to life on the site of the demolished building. Pointing out that they have started a similar transformation in Kağıthane, the Institution said, “I hope our residences have reached the level of completion, we are carrying out a transformation project of 700 residences in total.” said.

Stating that a building collapsed on its own in Bahçelievler, Kurum said: “When we look now, we are losing our lives and our offspring even without an earthquake in Istanbul. We put our future in the ground. Our universities, scientists and our Ministry are currently working in the form of a mobilization declaration for the transformation of 1,5 million residences, which we call urgent priority throughout our country. Unfortunately, 300 thousand of them are located in Istanbul. We urgently need to transform these 300 thousand houses together. I can honestly say that we are trying to extend our helping hand, the helping hand of the state, to every citizen who wants it. We do not want any of our citizens to be victims in urban transformation projects, earthquake transformation projects, whether with financial support through the planning process, or with the rental and relocation processes. As the Ministry, we have started the transformation process of 126 thousand residences in Istanbul so far.”


Reminding that they declared an area of ​​2018 thousand square meters to the west of the Büyük Çamlıca Mosque in Üsküdar in 180 as a risky area, the Institution said that they started working immediately after that.

Stating that they built a total of 1876 residences and 142 commercial units in Kirazlıtepe and Ferah districts, the Institution said, “We have completed the first phase. Construction works continue at a rapid pace by our TOKİ Presidency. Other phases are under construction. Both the second and third phases... We are working with the goal of finishing them by the end of next year, I hope. Hopefully, in September, we will deliver our 504 residences and 47 stores, as well as 1370 residences and 95 stores by the end of next year, to our brothers from Üsküdar. I wish you good luck with your project. Istanbul does not come to be kept waiting at the service point. It requires a new investment, a new project, a new vision.” said.

Reminding that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan listened to the citizens' demands for urban transformation in the past days, the Institution said:

“We immediately took action together with our team and Üsküdar Municipality and started the work. In this context, just like in Kirazlıtepe and Ferah, our brothers in Mehmet Akif and Küplüce neighborhoods will have the same rights, good luck. Today, hopefully, we are demolishing 16 buildings. Together with these 16 buildings, step by step, as of Monday, our ministry and Üsküdar Municipality will start negotiations and protocols with our citizens. In this process, we will provide rental assistance and moving assistance to our citizens. We will carry out this process in a way that will not make them suffer whatever we have done in the same first stage. We planned the area that we will demolish shortly as a social area and a green area. We will give our citizens living here the right to be entitled to reserve residences that we will build with our on-site, fast and voluntary transformation principle. Hopefully, we will lay the foundations of our new stages two months later, in September, with the same enthusiasm and enthusiasm.”

Noting that a total of 7 thousand residences will continue in stages with all the projects carried out in and around the Büyük Çamlıca Mosque, the Institution said that they received requests from other neighborhoods as well. The Minister Institution thanked those who contributed to the project and wished it good luck.

After the speeches, with the instructions of the Minister Institution, construction equipment started the demolition work of 16 buildings in the urban transformation area. The institution followed the demolition work for a while.

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