President Büyükakın Talked to Hyundai about the Ustam Project

the president talked to hyundai about my master's project
the president talked to hyundai about my master's project

Sangsu Kim, CEO of Hyundai Assan, ranked 500th among Turkey's Top 14 Industrial Enterprises, and Marmara Municipalities Union and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın said, “We know very well the importance of qualified human resources for production centers. For this, we implemented the Ustam project. Trainings are starting in our Ustam Kocaeli project, which will make thousands of our young people have jobs and also contribute to the qualified human resources that our industry needs.” Congratulating Hyundai and all other companies, which are among Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises, President Büyükakın said, "We are always with you in investment, production and employment."


Hyundai Assan CEO Sangsu Kim, on the other hand, thanked President Büyükakın for his hospitality, saying, “I thank you very much for accepting us and for your interest in our industry.” Presenting a model of a car produced in Kocaeli to commemorate the day, Kim gave information to the President Büyükakın about the capacity and production status. President Büyükakın, who also made evaluations on the new generation production models with his guests, saying, "We are establishing our coding and robotics classes in our schools to support our country's ability to produce value-added products," said, "The future is already in progress. kazanAs the Metropolitan Municipality, we are taking great steps in raising generations equipped to At this point, we will never stop and we will continue to work for our youth together with our children.”


Thanking everyone who contributed to making Kocaeli, the production capital of Turkey, the heart of three continents, a global production and technology base, Metropolitan Mayor Assoc. Dr Tahir Büyükakın with his guests sohbetHe also said that they can act jointly with Hyundai company regarding the USTAM project. President Büyükakın said, “We know very well how valuable it is in the world to produce industry-based products with high added value. In this sense, our country is making very important breakthroughs. As local governments, we also fulfill our responsibilities at this point. In this sense, the business world is our most important companion. We will continue to work with our business people, universities, chambers and all NGOs in this field for Turkey and Kocaeli.” The partnership was completed by discussing the details of the USTAM project.


USTAM Kocaeli is an employment-oriented Sectoral Education Project. Under the leadership of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, we came together with all active institutions and organizations in education, employment and development such as Universities, Chamber of Industry, Chambers of Commerce, İŞKUR, Provincial Directorate of National Education, OIZs, MARKA, in a cooperation that will serve as a model for our youth. . With the USTAM Kocaeli Project, it is aimed to contribute to employment by providing vocational and technical training in the fields needed by the sector to individuals living in Kocaeli, who are out of the formal education age, who do not have any profession or who cannot find a job with the education they receive, by meeting the sector with qualified personnel.

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