Babadağ Cable Car Will Fly Fethiye Tourism

Babadag cable car will boost Fethiye tourism
Babadag cable car will boost Fethiye tourism

Dreams come true in Babadağ, the world's most popular paragliding center. The 'Babadağ Cable Car' project, which Fethiye has been dreaming of for about 25 years, has finally been completed. The 'Babadağ cable car project', which could not be done in any way despite the changes of 20 governors, 25 ministers and 12 district governors, which has been the dream of Fethiye for 22-9 years and has been talked about for years, was established by KIRTUR company for approximately 350 million TL. Babadağ cable car, which starts from the terrace of Ölüdeniz, continues at 200 altitude, and ends at 700, with the Babadağ cable car, which was previously reached in 35-40 minutes by jeeps, can now be reached in 16 minutes by cable car. Paragliding pilots and customers from Babadağ starting station were making free exit with the cable car these days, while this gesture of the company officials drowned the parachute pilots with joy.

From the starting station "Babadağ Teleferik" established on the Ölüdeniz terrace, the cable car exits to Babadağ's 1700-meter runway started. The project, which was the dream of Fethiye for 25 years, was tendered by the Power Union Company, the company of the Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on 04.04.2017 and the project was delivered to the KIRTUR company. Despite the pandemic period and bad weather conditions, KIRTUR company completed the 25-year dream "Babadağ Ropeway Project" in Babadağ with the services it received from domestic and abroad. The project, which is learned to cost approximately 350 million TL, is expected to be opened with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and a crowded ministerial community in the coming months. In addition to the cable car line in Babadağ, various social venues from cafes to the theater and landscape work have been completed. The most beautiful venues in the world were also established in Babadağ, where the sunset can be watched wonderfully with dozens of parachutes. In Babadağ, which will be frequented by the most famous figures of Turkey and the world as well as domestic and foreign tourists, the dream for the cable car project for 25 years has come true.

We are at the top in 16 minutes

After the mask and temperature controls are made from the starting point on the Ölüdeniz terrace, the 8-person, 800 kilo capacity cable car begins to move towards the summit, while the intermediate station at an altitude of 200 meters is reached, and an altitude of 16 meters is reached in 700 minutes. Here, you can relax in the wonderful cafes and restaurants, watch and photograph the take-off of dozens of parachutes and their wonderful shows in the sky. In addition, Ölüdeniz lagoon and the island of ships and its surroundings can be easily watched from Babadağ. While the paragliding pilots started the exit with the cable car free of charge for 1 week, the pilots stated that the environment was great and the cable car suits Babadağ.

Runway Usage Prices

Runway usage fees have also been determined this season. The prices with the cable car are expected to be implemented in the coming days. Tandem (double) runway use 120 TL including slot and VAT, Single runway use 60 TL including slot and VAT, tandem pilot cable car and chairlift 30 TL including VAT, Single Pilot Ropeway and Chairlift and 30 TL including VAT, Tandem passenger ropeway and the chair lift was determined to be 80 TL including VAT.

400 Thousand Outputs Annually

The "Babadağ Ropeway", which is expected to provide great support to the economic and social development of Fethiye and Turkey and to Turkish tourism, will enable 400 thousand people to travel from Ölüdeniz to Babadağ this year. The "Babadağ Ropeway project" will also allow 12 months of tourism in the region and ensure that the hotels in the region, which are closed in 6 months, remain open throughout the winter.

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