Near Space Situational Awareness Project from ASELSAN: YAKUD

close space situational awareness project from aselsan yakud
close space situational awareness project from aselsan yakud

YAKUD Near Space Situational Awareness Project: Space Operations Command and Control Center. ASELSAN reported that it has recently started the YAKUD Project in the ASELSAN Magazine published on June 4, 2021. In the magazine, “The “YAKUD” project has recently been initiated in ASELSAN in order to provide a national solution to the issue of near space situational awareness in our country as well.” The aforementioned project was announced with the statement.

With the YAKUD Project, it is aimed to apply ASELSAN's capabilities such as Air Defense Command and Control design, radar, communication, simulation, mechanical design, algorithm design in the field of space. YAKUD; The focus will be on near-space situational awareness and detection of low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites and space debris. With these data, which will be evaluated within the scope of the YAKUD Project, it will be aimed to provide input to the planning of national space missions. Within the scope of the project, data from various data sources, observatories, telescopes and various other sensors will be combined and a space weather picture will be created.

With the YAKUD Project, mobility in close orbits will be provided. Thanks to situational awareness, Turkey's planning in Space projects will be healthier. Turkey's presence in space will be safer.

Near Space Situational Awareness (SSA)

In the field of near space situational awareness, it is critical that countries have a national system of their own and create a space situation picture through these systems. The primary tools required to achieve awareness are high-tech radar, telescope, etc. sensors can be listed as providing the data flow from these sensors and making sense of these data and combining them with fusion.

Turkey's; tens of countries constantly launch new satellites into orbits The importance of detecting satellites passing over Turkey and raising awareness of this situation is increasing day by day. Using real or near-real time information, being aware of this traffic in space can be defined as near space situational awareness.

In addition, the return of previously launched satellites to "space junk" after completing their mission causes a problem that needs to be resolved. After the near space situational awareness is realized, the detection of these space garbage will also be possible.

On Near Space Situational Awareness, the European Space Agency (ESA) is developing the European SSA System. SSA System; It is developed for data policy and data security, space surveillance, space weather and tracking of near-earth objects. The system in question will be able to autonomously detect and evaluate the data coming from the sensors. The events to be detected include the probability of collisions of space objects in orbit, space weather events, the possibility of spacecraft entering the atmosphere and the probability of disruption of existing space missions.

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