Domestic National Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 'SAKA' Lighter than 500 Grams from ASELSAN

Aselsan lighter than a gram domestic national unmanned aerial vehicle saka
Aselsan lighter than a gram domestic national unmanned aerial vehicle saka

For the first time in our country, ASELSAN has implemented the SAKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) weighing less than 500 grams, which contains a unique, domestic and national communication modem, flight controller and image processing unit hardware, software and algorithms.

At this stage, integration studies for the aircraft weighing less than 500 grams, which includes the original aircraft platform, propulsion system and flight controller hardware, software and algorithms, have been completed and flight tests have been carried out successfully.

ASELSAN, which has the ability to design and manufacture avionics systems, continues its efforts to nationalize subsystems by using this advantage and aims to reduce foreign dependency and verify its product capabilities with lighter and smaller platforms by nationalizing the image processing unit together with the original flight controller.

It will be possible to increase the operational efficiency of the TAF within the scope of reconnaissance and surveillance activities with the domestic and national SAKA UAVs, which have the infrastructure that can also be adapted to the herd concept.

SAKA's minimum flight time of 25 minutes, a communication range of 2 km, a software infrastructure that can be customized according to needs, and a domestic, national and secure communication system are planned to outperform foreign counterparts.

The serial production of SAKA UAVs will be worked with DASAL Aviation Technologies, ASELSAN's subsidiary in the field of multi-rotor drones.

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