What is Apple CarPlay? What You Need to Know About Apple CarPlay

What is apple carplay What you need to know about apple carplay
What is apple carplay What you need to know about apple carplay

Smart devices, phones and tablets are among the indispensables of the digital age we live in. Thanks to these devices, which we do not leave with us during the day, we perform many transactions from online shopping to banking transactions and travel planning.

We even follow our daily calendar, business meetings, weather and road conditions through these smart devices. The truth is, our smart devices are our personal assistants and make our lives easier.

In addition, while driving from one place to another, we use our smart devices and some applications that make our work easier. At the beginning of these are navigation applications that give directions and show directions.

However, constantly using a smartphone or tablet in the vehicle and looking at another screen can put drivers in difficult situations and cause various accidents. Answering incoming calls, texting or trying to open a map, especially while driving, can draw attention to other directions.

For this reason, multimedia screens in new generation vehicles and technologies that can be optimized for these screens have been widely used. One of the trending technologies among these technologies is Apple CarPlay. For this reason, we will talk about Apple CarPlay in this article. Let's examine it together.

Apple CarPlay: Smart Display System

Apple CarPlay is a smart display system used in vehicles today that helps drivers. Thanks to this smart screen system, you can make navigation settings, answer incoming calls, make calls, view your messages and listen to music without using your phone while driving.

In its simplest definition, Apple CarPlay allows you to easily do all the things you want to do with your iPhone while driving. In this way, you can easily focus on the road and use Apple CarPlay as your co-pilot.
However, in order to use the Apple CarPlay application, your vehicle must support this application. If your vehicle supports the Apple CarPlay module, you can connect your multimedia system and Apple CarPlay and turn your car's screen into your iPhone's screen.

Also in iOS 13 and later, Apple CarPlay gives you a simpler view of the road ahead. It also lets you follow Siri suggestions in one place, with easier access to items like maps, voice controls, and calendar events. You can even control your HomeKit accessories like door openers using the screen.

Using Siri in Apple CarPlay

Siri is part of Apple's iOS operating system. This special software acts as a smart personal assistant and information explorer. The purpose of this program is to answer questions, make recommendations and perform actions on web services.

For this reason, it is recommended to use Apple CarPlay with Siri, Apple's voice assistant. Also, using Apple CarPlay via Siri is very fun and easy. With Siri's so-called "Eyes Free" technology, you can conveniently send messages, make calls, play music, get directions and take advantage of other features on your iPhone.

To do this, simply turn on Siri's contactless voice command feature. You can easily edit Siri settings and permissions by entering the “Settings” tab of your iPhone. In addition, vehicles compatible with Apple CarPlay have a voice command button on the top of the steering wheel.

You can use the voice command button on your steering wheel to call Siri, your personal assistant. By pressing this button, you can indicate your request and activate Apple CarPlay.
So, how can you activate the Apple CarPlay application?

How to Set Up Apple CarPlay

You don't need to download any app from the App Store to use Apple CarPlay. Apple CarPlay is preinstalled on the iPhone operating system. If your car supports Apple CarPlay, simply connect your iPhone via USB cable.
In the USB connection section of some vehicles, there may also be stickers with Apple CarPlay or a smartphone icon. In addition, some vehicles also support Apple CarPlay wirelessly. If your vehicle supports wireless Apple CarPlay connection, you can use the voice command button on the steering wheel.

Just make sure your personal assistant Siri is turned on while doing these. Then go to Settings > General > CarPlay on your iPhone and tap “Available Cars” and select your car. You can also refer to your vehicle's owner's manual for more information.

Let's take a look at how you can organize Apple CarPlay applications.

Editing Apple CarPlay Apps

Apple CarPlay application shows the applications that you can use in the vehicle on the multimedia screen of your vehicle. These applications consist of applications that you can use while driving without putting you in danger. In addition to these, you can also edit the applications you want to appear on your car's screen while using Apple CarPlay.
To add, remove and arrange the order of applications on your iPhone;

  • 1. Go to Settings > General and tap “CarPlay”.
  • 2. Select your vehicle and then tap “Customize”.
  • 3. You can use the "Add" button or the "Delete" button to add or remove applications. You can also tap and drag an app to change the order in which apps appear.

The next time your iPhone connects to CarPlay, your apps will appear on the screen the way you want them to. However, it should be reminded that only applications supported by CarPlay are displayed on your screen.

Which Vehicles Have Apple CarPlay?

Vehicles that support Apple CarPlay are mostly modern and new generation vehicles. Especially the multimedia systems of the vehicles produced recently support the Apple CarPlay application.

In addition, to be able to benefit from the Apple CarPlay application, not only your vehicle, but also your iPhone must support this application. Therefore, in order to benefit from this application, you must have an iPhone 5 or higher.

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