People of Ankara Decide: 'EGO Buses Will Be Red-White'

People of Ankara have decided that ego buses will be red and white.
People of Ankara have decided that ego buses will be red and white.

One of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş's participatory and transparent municipal practices, which set an example for the whole of Turkey, has been completed. The residents of Başkent determined the exterior trim and seat color designs of 2013 new buses, which were purchased for the first time after 301. According to the results of the survey, where 4.0 games were used in the "Right to Speak" section of Başkent Mobil within the scope of "BLD 17" applications, the color of Başkent Mobil's new buses was red-white with 135 thousand 5 votes.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality enables the people of Ankara to have a say in the city administration with its participatory municipality approach, which sets an example for all of Turkey.

Supporting the understanding of participatory democracy and the principle of common sense with the technological developments called “BLD 4.0”, Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, lastly, asked the citizens of the Capital City to determine the seat color and exterior cladding designs of 2013 new buses, which were purchased for the first time after 301.

For this purpose, the people of Başkent, who participated in the survey held in the 'Right of Speech' section on the Başkent Mobile application, chose the color and design they liked the most. According to the results of the survey, in which 17 thousand 135 citizens voted in total; The color of the new buses of the capital was red-white with 5 thousand 98 votes.


With the announcement made by the General Directorate of EGO, the residents of the Capital were asked about the colors and designs of the new buses in the first place.

After the evaluation of the designs from the people of Ankara, the color and outer cladding designs of the final seats were determined. With the survey conducted on the 'Right to Speak' button in the Başkent Mobile application, the people of Başkent liked the red-white exterior design among many colors and designs.

While 1 thousand 17 citizens participated in the voting, which lasted about 135 week, among the colors and outer coverings of the buses;

-5 thousand 98 red-white,

-3 thousand 997 light purple,

-3 thousand 195 red,

-2 thousand 825 red-white stripes,

-2 thousand 20 green color designs received votes.


Separate surveys were conducted for the seat designs of diesel articulated buses (OTOKAR) and natural gas solo and articulated buses (Mercedes).

Among the 2 options for diesel articulated buses, the choice of 10 participants was the red-black diagonal striped design (image-339) that received the most votes.

The design of the seats of the natural gas solo and articulated buses, on the other hand, was the option with a pattern in blue-gray tones with 4 votes.


With the application called 'BLD 4.0', which brings a new breath to the participatory municipality understanding of the Metropolitan Municipality, survey studies on regional issues will be started very soon.

From now on, the people of Ankara will contribute to the elimination of deficiencies in the neighborhood they live in and the determination of priority investments with the surveys to be placed on the 'Right to Speak' button in Başkent Mobil.

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