Hygiene Test Performed in Ankara Metro

Hygiene test was carried out in Ankara metro
Hygiene test was carried out in Ankara metro

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality signed a new study with Bilkent University UNAM. The hygiene test, which was applied only in New York and London Metro, was also carried out in Ankara Metro upon the request of Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş. After the work that lasted for about 4 months, it was determined that there was no residue of the virus on the surface thanks to the disinfection works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in the public transportation vehicles used extensively by the citizens.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality gives priority to studies that prioritize public health.

Continuing its hygiene activities 7/24 during the pandemic process, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its disinfection and cleaning works meticulously since the beginning of the process in the public transportation vehicles, which are used extensively by the capital city residents.


The Department of Health Affairs carried out a joint study with Bilkent University on disinfection practices applied in public transportation vehicles in Başkent.

After the hygiene test, it was revealed that the virus did not remain on the surface thanks to the disinfection applications carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality. Stating that the report had a positive result, Head of Health Affairs Department Seyfettin Aslan said, “We have completed a 4-month study with Bilkent University UNAM so that our studies can be determined scientifically. Our intensive disinfection efforts have yielded positive results effectively. We will continue our work with the same attention and meticulousness as on the first day.”

Bilkent University UNAM Instructor Urartu Şeker gave information about the details of the study and said:

“The onset of the pandemic brought with it many question marks. One of these was the question of whether the virus was transmitted from the surface. There were assumptions that there might be some problems especially in public transportation vehicles and metro stations, which are at the forefront of common areas. We went to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for such a study. Our Metropolitan Mayor, Mr. Mansur Yavaş, approached this work very positively. We wanted to investigate whether the intensive disinfection efforts were working or not. This study was only done on the New York and London Undergrounds. In Turkey, we carried out such a study together with the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.”


Stating that they aim to benefit public health and that they carry out this study voluntarily, Şeker said, “When we took a sample from the surface, we made a test to see if the virus would remain there. As a result of these tests, we have determined that there is not even the slightest trace of viruses on the surfaces.”

Bilkent University UNAM Lecturer Urartu Şeker pointed out that disinfection actually works as a result of these tests, and said, “We think that disinfection processes are not very frequent, but at intervals of 2,5 hours are healthier for both human and natural health.”

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