Car-Free Capital Call from Ankara City Council Bicycle Council

car-free capital call from ankara city council bicycle council
car-free capital call from ankara city council bicycle council

Ankara City Council Bicycle Assembly, which published a message on the occasion of June 3, World Bicycle Day; It continues its efforts to increase bicycle awareness in Ankara, to contribute to the shaping of bicycle paths and to popularize bicycle use.

Ankara City Council Cycling Council, consisting of volunteer representatives, who came together to make the citizens of the capital love cycling and to sign projects that make the life of cyclists easier, celebrated the 'June 3 World Bicycle Day' with a message it published.

In the message that draws attention to the fact that the bicycle has become the symbol of nature-friendly transportation in the world; “June 3 World Cycling Day, the United Nations General Assembly, has been used for 200 years in the world, accepted as unique with its long life and versatile use, and at the same time, it is a simple, affordable, reliable, clean, environmentally friendly, sustainable and healthy means of transportation. It was announced to draw attention”.


Expressing that bicycles contribute positively to human health as well as being economical, Ankara City Council made the following evaluations in the message it published:

“The bicycle is the most important part of a healthy life and an environmentally friendly transportation all over the world. The individual who turns to cycling as an economical and egalitarian method achieves a longer and healthier life. Cycling not only improves physical health, but also has positive benefits for mental health and personal growth. Cycling is a quiet, economical and non-polluting alternative mode of transportation. The bicycle is an essential vehicle for safe, efficient, low-carbon and affordable transportation for everyone on the rise around the world. In order to support cycling, investments should be made in the bicycle infrastructure of cities, and shared road infrastructure should also be evaluated. Bicycle lanes should be planned throughout our country and made available to our society.”


In the message, which also draws attention to the fact that cyclists are exposed to dangers in traffic and lost their lives, the message said, “Increased bicycle use causes many negative situations as a result of collisions in traffic. All the measures that should be taken as soon as possible for the deaths by bicycles and our lost lives should be taken quickly. Bicycle path etc. to be built in the bicycle infrastructure. In addition to the studies, training of the drivers in the traffic and arranging the penalties to be deterrent should be carried out urgently.


AKK Cycling Council, which was established as a platform where the bicycle volunteers of Ankara can make their voices heard and took an active role in the "Bicycle Road Project" by conveying its views on the bicycle path to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, also underlined that there should be avenues and streets free of vehicles with the theme of "Capital without Automobiles".

In the message, which pointed out the importance of directing all segments of the society to use bicycles, the AKK Cycling Council also made the following call:

“As AKK Bicycle Council, within the scope of the 'Car-Free Capital' theme, in order to encourage our citizens of Ankara to act on motor vehicles-free streets and boulevards and to highlight Ankara's environment-oriented management approach, on the first Saturday of every month between 12.00 and 16.00, there is heavy pedestrian and bicycle circulation. We expect you to support our signature campaign that we started on July 15 to close the Red Crescent National Will Square and Atatürk Boulevard to two-way vehicular traffic. You can support our campaign by contacting”


On June 5, World Environment Day, Ankara City Council Bicycle Assembly stakeholder Bicycle Movement Sports Club Association Ankuva Cycling Team and Ata Tohum Movement, all bicycle lovers will be at the Youth Park at 10.00:XNUMX, with the slogan "Our Ankara deserves bicycle transportation." He invited Güdül to pedal in order to raise awareness for the environment.

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