Ahlat Karahasan Manzikert Road Opened to Service

ahlat karahasan malazgirt road opened for service
ahlat karahasan malazgirt road opened for service

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu opened the Ahlat-Karahasan-Malazgirt Road as part of his visit to the provinces of Bitlis and Muş. Stating that they started the project in May 2019, Karaismailoğlu said, “As of today, we are opening our Ahlat-Karahasan-Malazgirt Road to transportation and connecting every corner of our country. We fully believe that our country will take its place among the world's largest economies in the very near future. We are aware that the key to 'holistic' development, which is our goal on this path, is in 'regional' development.

“The cost of our 8 highway projects in Muş province is 648 million liras”

By increasing the length of divided roads, which was 2003 kilometers in 16, more than 8 times throughout the province of Muş; Stating that they increased it to 150 kilometers; Emphasizing that the province of Muş also took an important part in the highway construction campaign in Turkey, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “We connected Muş to the provinces of Bitlis and Bingöl with divided roads. While only 1993 million liras was spent for highway investments in Muş between 2002 and 103, this figure increased more than 28 times and reached 2 billion 923 million liras during the period of our governments. We built 1.680 bridges with a total length of 27 meters. In addition, we carried out 3 thousand 721 kilometers of asphalt work. The cost of our 8 highway projects, which continue throughout the province of Muş, is 648 million liras," he said.

“We connected Bitlis to the provinces of Van, Muş, Siirt and Batman with divided roads”

Pointing out that they increased the road length in Bitlis from 2003 kilometers to approximately 19 kilometers in 300, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “We connected Bitlis to the provinces of Van, Muş, Siirt and Batman with divided roads. While the amount of expenditure made for highways in Bitlis was 1993 million TL in the 2020-208 period, we increased this amount by 37 times to 7 billion 844 million TL during the period of our governments. Every penny spent has already made measurable contributions to our industrial production, economic development, and employment opportunities, and has been recorded in our country's earnings.”

“We provided uninterrupted and safe transportation on the Ahlat-Karahasan-Malazgirt Road”

Underlining that they continue to provide transportation, infrastructure and communication services all over Turkey, Minister Karaismailoğlu spoke as follows:

“As it is known, the highway between Ahlat and Malazgirt counties is 3 kilometers in total, of which 51 kilometers is divided road and 54 kilometers is single road. 6,7 kilometers of this road had become unusable due to landslides. Instead of the destroyed road, we completed a new 7-kilometer section created on a new route. In addition, in our project, we renewed the superstructure of the 6,3 kilometer section from the point where the new route connects to the existing road. With this improvement on the Ahlat-Karahasan-Malazgirt Road, we have now provided uninterrupted and safe transportation. We have continued our transportation, infrastructure and communication services all over our country without slowing down until today. From now on, by Allah's leave, no force will be able to take us from our path."

Minister Karaismailoğlu visited the Ahlat Seljuk Cemetery as part of his visits to Muş and Bitlis. After a while with the citizens in Ahlat sohbetMinister Karaismailoğlu, who visited Ahlat Municipality after the ceremony, visited Adilcevaz Municipality and received information about the works. After opening the Ahlat-Karahasan-Malazgirt Road, Minister Karaismailoğlu received a briefing on the ongoing projects at the Malazgirt Municipality. Afterwards, he visited the AK Party Malazgirt District Presidency and met with the party members.

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