When LGS Results and Preference and Placement Guide will be Announced

When will the lgs results and preference and placement guide be announced?
When will the lgs results and preference and placement guide be announced?

Deputy Minister of National Education Özer stated that the LGS results will be announced on June 30 and said, “Let our students and parents be well. We will provide all kinds of guidance services in this process.” said.

Deputy Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said that no problems were canceled in the central exam held within the scope of the High School Transition System (LGS), and that they will announce the results and the Secondary Education Transition Preference and Placement Guide on 30 June. Evaluating the central exam within the scope of LGS in a newspaper, Deputy Minister responsible for measurement, evaluation and examination services of the Ministry of National Education Özer said in summary:

A Great Organization

central examinations; It is a very large organization from the preparation of the questions to the printing of the booklets, from the exam to the collection of all the exam documents, bringing them to the assessment center and evaluating them. For example, our teachers, experts, and the logistics team involved in the printing and packaging of the exam documents spent 40 days working in a closed, uncommunicative environment during the so-called closed period when the questions were determined and printed. However, they were able to exit after the exam. The exam was held on Sunday in two sessions, in a total of 973 schools and 17 halls, in 793 domestic and five international exam centers. Approximately 82 thousand examiners served. Our greatest happiness is that the process was completed without any problems.

No Question Cancellation for 3 Years

No questions have been canceled in the LGS central exam for the last three years. On the one hand, an approach aimed at measuring the students' reading comprehension, interpretation, deduction, problem solving, analysis, and critical thinking skills is maintained, while on the other hand, not canceling any questions is a great success.

Guide Work in Progress

We will announce the results of the exam on June 30, 2021. On the same day, we will publish the Transition to Secondary Education Preference and Placement Guide. The next process will be the same as in previous years. After the central and local placement, there will be a transfer process based on the placement twice. The selection and placement processes will be made according to the principles and procedures specified in the guide to be published and according to the dates specified in the guide. Preparatory work for the guide continues.

May Our Parents Be Good

Necessary quotas have been created in all our provinces and districts, especially for local placement without examination. May our students and parents rest in peace. In this process, we will provide all kinds of guidance services to our students and parents. Our friends have completed their work on this issue.

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