Vitamin K2 and D3 Supplement is Important for Maintaining Bone Health

Vitamin k and d support is important to maintain bone health
Vitamin k and d support is important to maintain bone health

According to the research; In Turkey, 50 out of 2 people over 1 years of age have low bone mass, and 4 out of 1 people have osteoporosis. Calcium is important for maintaining bone health, but it is not enough on its own. New Life Product Manager Exp. dit. Sena Yazıcı Heyik “If vitamin K2 is not supplemented together, calcium taken into the body can accumulate in the veins and cause atherosclerosis. This can lead to bigger problems such as heart attack and stroke. Studies have shown that vitamin K2 and vitamin D, which are used together with calcium supplements, are much more effective in bone health than the use of calcium supplements alone. That's why we offer New Life Mena K2+D3 containing both vitamin K2 and D3 for those who want to protect their bone health.

Pointing out that there are two basic forms of vitamin K, Sena Yazıcı Heyik said: “One of them is vitamin K2 and the other is vitamin K1. Both vitamins have different functions. While vitamin K2 plays a role in blood coagulation, vitamin K1 does not have such an effect. Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin that is stored in the body. In order for it to be highly absorbed, it must be taken with fatty foods. Since Mena K2+D2 capsules are based on olive oil, there is no need for extra oily food consumption. In addition, vitamin K3, which has 2 tasks related to heart and bone health, is directly related to calcium. It helps to increase the bone mineral density and protect against osteoporosis by binding the calcium taken through food or supplementation to the bones. It also prevents the formation of vascular calcification by accumulating the calcium taken into the body in the veins. In short, it delivers calcium to the right address.”

Foods do not contain vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is not found in any food except natto. Therefore, it is very difficult to get vitamin K2 through food. Natto is a food consumed in breakfast in Japanese culture. It is made by fermenting soybeans. With the fermentation of soy, natural vitamin K2 is formed in natto. The source of vitamin K2 found in Mena K3+D2 also comes from natural vitamin K2 from natto.

The U.S. National Institutes of Health Office of Food Supplements recommends 90-120mcg of Vitamin K2

Sena Yazıcı Heyik also stated the following about the criteria to be considered when choosing a vitamin K2+D3 supplement: “It is important that the product to be used contains 100mcg of vitamin K2 in a single dose. Daily intake of vitamin K2 should be 90-120mcg, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements. 2 IU of vitamin D should be taken together with vitamin K1000, because vitamin D and vitamin K2 have a synergistic effect on bone health. The use of an oil-based product will also increase the absorption of vitamin K2, so care should be taken. In addition to these, the purification technique is also very important, it should not contain chemicals and should not harm it as it will be used for a long time. Another criterion to be considered is that the reinforcement used is blister packaging. Blister packaging is a hygienic single packaging system, when using the product, you only take it out of the packaging you will use and other capsules do not come into contact with air. Thus, the capsules do not oxidize, and there are no problems such as softening, sticking or flowing. It is important that the capsules are also obtained from fish gelatin. Fish gelatin is the best quality and expensive capsule form. It is compatible with the digestive system, does not create bad odor and taste, so it can be consumed easily.

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