Suggestions for Losing Weight and Getting Rid of Fat

Tips for losing weight and getting rid of fat
Tips for losing weight and getting rid of fat

Dr.Fevzi Özgönül gave important information about the subject. Due to the coronavirus, most of us spent their days at home. As a result, our chance to move decreased and at the same time, changes occurred in our eating and drinking patterns. Thus, it was inevitable to gain weight.

Here are suggestions to lose weight and get rid of fat;

1-Eat Slowly
Eating slowly, chewing your food a lot helps to relax your digestive system. It ensures that your food is digested without your intestines needing to produce too many acids and enzymes.

2-Be careful what you eat!
Help your body remodel your body by eating quality food. Give your body the nutrients it needs without skipping breakfast and lunch.

3-Take a Walk
Try to do the walk in the evening as much as possible, not to burn calories, but to digest what you eat during the day. Walking in the evening helps digest what you eat during the day.

4-Beware of Dinner Time!
If you do not skip your breakfast and lunch in the morning and eat quality meals, you can also be satisfied by eating light meals in the evening. We do not say not to eat after 18:00 in the evening. When you're really hungry, no matter what time you get hungry, have a light vegetable meal or soup at that hour. If you eat before you are very hungry, you will stop the digestion of what you eat during the day, so you will feel more hungry later on.

5-Consume Nuts
Instead of consuming bread with meals, consume nuts. ( raw hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts ) When you consume nuts with meals, you will realize that you do not need bread.

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