A Move That Will Breathe Yunuseli Traffic

The move that will breathe the traffic of Yunuseli
The move that will breathe the traffic of Yunuseli

Continuing its efforts to ease the traffic of Bursa and to provide comfortable transportation, the Metropolitan Municipality has implemented an important work in the Yunuseli region, where there is intense housing.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its works at full speed for the solution of the traffic problem that Bursa is most talked about, carries out alternative road works at important points of the city for the comfortable and convenient transportation of the citizens. The Metropolitan Municipality, which took over the Yunuseli region, where housing is intense, started the works on the road that turns to Armutköy from the connection bridge located near the Şükrü Şankaya Anatolian High School on the German Channel. With the completion of the road with a total length of three and a half kilometers, transportation will be provided to Dereçavuş District and Gündoğdu road without entering Yunuseli District.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş examined the Yunuseli German Channel road works on site. Secretary General Ulaş Akhan, Deputy Secretary General Muhammet Gazeli Şen, Head of Transportation Department Rüştü Şanlı, Yunuseli Neighborhood Headman İbrahim Bahar, Armutköy Neighborhood Headman Zeki Assistant, Irrigation Cooperative President Erkan Er and municipal administrators were present at the visit, President Aktaş, Armutköy next to Şükrü Şankaya Anatolian High School. met with the team working on the road connection bridge section.

“It will relax the region”

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they started another roadworks that will make Bursa breathe. Stating that Bursa is developing and growing rapidly, Mayor Aktaş stated that it is important to open alternative roads in the city where transportation is talked about a lot. Explaining that there is a need for alternative works at the point of transportation to Mudanya, especially due to the metro works to be carried out on the Emek-Şehir Hospital line, Mayor Aktaş said, “There is an intense housing development in the Yunuseli region. In parallel with this housing, alternative road routes should be created without entering Yunuseli, regarding the access to the following roads. In this sense, this road, where the works started, is an important route. This place will be connected to Dereçavuş Mahallesi and Gündoğdu road without entering Yunuseli Mahallesi through the Armutköy road connection bridge section next to the German Channel Şükrü Şankaya Anatolian High School. Our road will be three and a half kilometers long and 10 meters wide with hot asphalt. It will relieve the region as an alternative route,” he said.

“We are considering alternatives”

Explaining that they will ensure both the improvement of the stream and the demolition of the idle bridge and the opening of the silhouette, Mayor Aktaş said, “There is intensive agricultural activity in the region. We attach importance to the issues raised by the Irrigation Cooperative in this respect. Considering the producers, necessary steps will be taken to ensure that they do not have problems with water. These regions are dense regions, regions where expropriation will be difficult. Some things have turned into impossible, but we are evaluating all alternatives so that people can easily reach their homes and jobs. I thank my teammates. Hopefully, the work will be completed and implemented quickly. I wish the new road to be good for the region," he said.

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