The Foundation of Önsen Bridge and Connection Roads Was Laid

Groundbreaking for onsen bridge and connection roads project
Groundbreaking for onsen bridge and connection roads project

The foundation was laid for the giant investment “Önsen Bridge and Connection Roads” project, which will shorten the transportation to the new residential area of ​​the city by half. AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Ünal said, “As a result of the efforts of our Metropolitan Mayor, Mr. Hayrettin Güngör, another important investment has been made in our Kahramanmaraş. Hopefully many more will come true. I say good luck” while using the expressions; Mayor Güngör said, “Congratulations to our city with our project that will shorten the transportation to the new settlement area of ​​our city by 12 kilometers. We aim to complete our work by the end of the year.”

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on the Önsen Bridge and Connection Roads, which were started by Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality. The ceremony held in the project area was attended by Metropolitan Mayor Hayrettin Güngör, AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Mahir Ünal, Governor Ömer Faruk Coşkun, Deputies Ahmet Özdemir, İmran Kılıç, AK Party Provincial President Fırat Görgel, MHP Provincial President Ertuğrul Doğan, district mayors and headmen. and NGO representatives.

Our 600 Million TL Investment Continues

Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Hayrettin Güngör, who made the opening speech of the program, said, “We are holding the groundbreaking ceremony of the Önsen Bridge and Connection Road project, which our compatriots await, connecting the opposite side of our city to the city center and lowering the 22-kilometer road by 10 kilometers. When we took office, we came together with our stakeholders and discussed the problems of our city. Needs are unlimited and resources are limited. We are trying to fulfill the demands with limited resources by prioritizing them. Of course, we are trying to improve the financial structure of our municipality while fulfilling the demands. Despite the decrease in our income during the pandemic period, we continue to realize all our promised investments. The needs of rural and urban areas are always different. However, we strive to maintain a balance between these groups and to bring equal services to all places. Thankfully, we have fulfilled all the ways we promised in 2 years, more than ninety percent. In the past two years, we have invested 300 million TL in Kahramanmaraş. In this year, we will realize an investment of 600 million TL in our city. Our investments will continue to increase under the leadership of our President," he said.

Residences to Rise in Tekke by the End of the Year

Emphasizing that the Önsen Bridge and Urban Transformation projects, the foundations of which were laid in the continuation of his speech, are complementary, Mayor Güngör said, “After our meetings with our Ministry, TOKİ has undertaken the work in our Tekke (Yusuflar) Neighborhood and our work continues. The residences in Tekke, which are compatible with the historical texture and will not exceed 4 floors, will have risen by the end of the year. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have completed the urban transformation project of 100 residences that we started in Saçaklızade. Hopefully, we will deliver the houses to the rightful owners within a month. Hopefully, we will hand over our residences in Kurtlar to the rightful owners next year. Our rights holders should not have any hesitation here. We will give everyone their rights and we will not make anyone suffer. These projects are interrelated. Our houses are built with roads and other services. There is a transformation in the service as well,” he said.

We Will Increase Tourism Potential

Touching on tourism investments in his speech, Metropolitan Mayor Hayrettin Güngör said, “We are doing our best to develop tourism and increase the number of visitors in Kahramanmaraş. We have brought 35 bungalow houses and covered bazaar to Yedikuyular Ski Center this year. We have reached the final stage in the hotel we have built in the region. We aim to host 500 thousand guests this year in Yedikuyular, which is the most accessible and comfortable place in the region. We have a viewing glass terrace project in Ali Kayası, another tourism area of ​​Kahramanmaraş. Hopefully, we aim to increase the tourism potential by building the road that provides access there and the glass viewing terrace. We will build projects that provide access to Ali Kayası both from the hill and by road. In addition, our renovation works continue in Yeşilgöz, which is one of the touristic areas of our region. Our renovation works continue on the roads that provide access to Yeşilgöz. Hopefully, we will increase the added value that this place provides to our city. Another project we will bring to our Kahramanmaraş will be the Kilavuzlu Nation's Garden. Here, our work continues rapidly. Kilavuzlu will be the largest park in Kahramanmaras with its 300-decare area. Hopefully, we will deliver it in October," he said.

Distance to Center Will Decrease 10 Kilometers

President Güngör said, “This region contains around 40 large and small settlements and approximately 60 thousand of our fellow citizens. Since it is a developing region, it is predicted that it will have a population of around 150 thousand in the future. With the implementation of our Önsen bridge and connection roads, the distance of the region to the center will be shortened by 10 kilometers. So this bridge will bring the two sides of our city together. The total cost of bridges and connection roads is 75 Million TL. However, 25 million TL of this is financed by our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and our Iller Bank. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we finance the remaining 50 million TL. In addition, hopefully, by the end of the year, we will have paved our road, which is 4,8 kilometers long and 55 meters wide, from Ağcalı Junction to Adana road. Thus, the traffic density of our city center will be reduced. Good luck to our Kahramanmaraş," he said.

It will provide convenience to our citizens

AK Party Deputy İmran Kılıç, who took the floor after President Güngör, wished the investment to be beneficial. Kılıç said, “We see one of the best examples of the race in charity and service. "An important need of our city has been met," he said. Governor Ömer Faruk Coşkun said, “Hopefully, thanks to the Önsen Bridge and Connection Road Project, the foundation of which was laid, this road will be reduced to 12 kilometers and our citizens will save both time and fuel. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to bring this beautiful service to our city, and I wish the project to be auspicious for our city.”

Strong Local Management with Strong Leader

Another person who made a speech at the ceremony, AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Mahir Ünal, drew attention to the cooperation between the government and the local administration. Ünal said, “With the leadership and vision of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey has made significant progress since 2002. Despite the difficulties of the pandemic, it was thanks to this stable political will that local governments were able to realize huge investments, just like the Önsen Bridge and Connection Roads project. As a result of the efforts of our Metropolitan Mayor, Mr. Hayrettin Güngör, another important investment was made in our Kahramanmaraş. Hopefully many more will come true. I wish you good luck," he said.

Önsen Bridge and Connection Road

The project, which includes 4,5 kilometers of connection road and 210 meters of bridges and structures, is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. With the implementation of the giant transportation investment, direct access to the new urbanization areas of the city will be possible from the center. It is thought that the artery and the bridge will be used by approximately 40 thousand people living in 60 neighborhoods to the south of the Sir Dam in the short term. The project, which will reduce the transportation from the Önsen region to the city center by half, will provide transportation for a large population of approximately 150 thousand people in the long run.

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