First Female Station Supervisors Started to Work in Istanbul Metros

The first female station supervisors in Istanbul subways started to work
The first female station supervisors in Istanbul subways started to work

The new station supervisors, who successfully completed their training at METRO ISTANBUL, one of the IMM subsidiaries, started to work. For the first time in the company's 33-year history, there are 13 women among station supervisors.

Turkey's largest urban rail system operator, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), continues to grow and create employment with its newly opened lines despite the pandemic. 5 station supervisors, who successfully completed their training, started to work in the company, which employs a total of approximately 30 thousand people, including security and cleaning staff.

Özgür Soy, general manager of İBB subsidiary METRO ISTANBUL, stated that 2 of the 30 station supervisors who started working after 13 months of technical and theoretical training were selected from women for the first time, and said, “A first in our company's 33-year history. 13 of our female friends, who were successful in the trainings and exams, started to work as station supervisors. We have a total of 268 station supervisors and 255 of them are male. Because rail systems are a male-dominated sector around the world. We set out to create a family atmosphere that prioritizes women and prioritizes merit and career development.”

Reminding that there were only 2019 female train drivers in 8 and the female employee rate of the company was 8 percent, Özgür Soy said that in order to eliminate this imbalance, 2020 percent of the recruitments made in September 92 were women and they included 88 female train drivers in the team. Emphasizing that they aim to increase the rate of female employees, which rose to 9.44 percent, to 15 percent in the second stage, and then to much higher levels, Soy said:

“We see that women in the İBB family can do any job very successfully in every field. Women working in jobs advertised as men's jobs; it makes our young people say, 'Why not, I can do it too' by giving inspiration and encouragement to other women. We can observe this from the stories they tell in the interviews we have with the female train drivers who applied to our company. As METRO ISTANBUL, we see our passengers not as customers but as guests. It is our debt to Istanbulites to welcome them in the best way and with a smiling face. Our station supervisors are our visible faces that represent us against our passengers on the field. That's why we expect them to communicate well with our passengers and make the safest and most comfortable ride."

At METRO İSTANBuL, security supervisors begin their work by going through a difficult technical and theoretical training process that lasts for 2 months. Each candidate; He goes through a wide training process covering areas such as crisis and team management, leadership, first aid and communication. At the end of these trainings, some of which are practical, both written and practical exams are given. Candidates' success is measured in issues such as repairing a faulty escalator or elevator, and intervening in a passenger who faints at the station.

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