The Baths in Murat Mountain Thermal Tourism Center are Renovated

The baths in the thermal tourism center of Murat Dagi are being renovated
The baths in the thermal tourism center of Murat Dagi are being renovated

The contract for the renovation of the baths in the Gediz Muratdağı Thermal Tourism Center, which has become the shining star of the Aegean in winter tourism, was signed.

14.04. For the renovation construction work of Koca Hamam and Hacı Dânâ Baths in Muratdağı Thermal Tourism Center by Gediz Municipality with the support of Zafer Development Agency. The tender was held in 2021. With the finalization of the tender process, the construction contract will be signed with Esat Dalyanoğlu, the contractor company, on 26.05.2021 and the site will be delivered on 04.06.2021.

Gediz Mayor Muharrem Akçadurak gave information about the accommodation project; “Within the scope of the works for the development of Muratdagi Thermal Ski Center, the construction contract of the project, which we prepared with the support of our municipality and Zafer Development Agency, will be signed with the contractor company and the site will be delivered. Murat Mountain, which is a first with its feature of being both a thermal and ski center, is developing more and more every day with our new investments. New accommodation facilities, youth camp, cable car line and in addition to these, the existing Koca Hamam and Hacı Dânâ, supported by the Zafer Development Agency, are planned to be completed by the end of 2021 by carrying out complete internal and external additional construction and renovation works.

Stating that the quality, quality and number of the facilities in the ski center are increasing day by day, Chairman Akçadurak; Muratdagi has been transformed into a center of attraction for 12 months with spa, promenade, skiing, nature, paragliding, photo shoots, vegetation, sports and cross country competitions.

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