Special Products for Harmonic Current Problems in the Maritime Industry

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Special Products for Harmonic Current Problems in the Maritime Industry

📩 10/06/2021 12:48

Elektra Elektronik makes a difference in the maritime industry with its passive and active harmonic filter products as well as isolation transformers.

Elektra Elektronik, the leading brand of the Turkish electronics industry, offers high added value to the maritime industry worldwide with its isolation transformers and passive and active harmonic filter products. Stating that they eliminate current and voltage pollution in many different areas that are heavily affected by variable energy loads, they enable electrical energy to be continuous and safe, Elektra Elektronik R&D Manager Dr. Tutku Büyükdeğirmenci; He said that the need for these products has increased in Norway, China, Croatia and Italy as well as in our country. Stating that they carry out the engineering, design and production of new generation electronic products with the expert engineer staff within the company, Büyükdeğirmenci underlined that they made a difference in the maritime industry with their solutions that offer high efficiency and performance with their three-level inverter topology and resonance protection.

Elektra Elektronik exports transformers and electronic products for energy quality from Turkey to 6 countries in 60 continents; With its isolation transformer, passive harmonic filter and active harmonic filter products, it offers solutions to the maritime sector as well as many other sectors. Emphasizing that the engineering, design and production of DynamiX, ​​Turkey's first and only locally produced active harmonic filters, are carried out entirely by the expert engineer staff within the company, Elektra Electronics R&D Manager Dr. Tutku Büyükdeğirmenci explained that in this way, they prevented the problems caused by harmonic currents on ships.

DynamiX active harmonic filters put an end to current and voltage pollution

Stating that with DynamiX, ​​they help to prevent the onboard energy system from being exposed to harmonic voltages caused by harmonic currents, especially by filtering the loads that produce harmonic. Tutku Büyükdeğirmenci said, “Loads that draw harmonic currents can cause harmonic voltages due to the internal impedances of these generator units, causing resonances in the onboard energy system, and risks of fire and power interruption. The maritime industry is subject to standards published by DVN to avoid such disturbances. These standards require that the busbar voltage harmonic should not exceed 8 percent in total and 5 percent for each harmonic separately under the worst harmonic load conditions on board. Otherwise, results such as overheating in cables and busbars, melting of insulation materials, short circuits and power cuts may occur. We, on the other hand, prevent all these problems with DynamiX. In this way, we ensure the compliance of the onboard electrical system with DNV standards by reducing voltage harmonics.” made the statement.

Intense demand from developed countries in the maritime sector

Pioneer of innovations, Elektra Elektronik sets itself apart from its competitors in the maritime industry with its products with resonance protection and three-level inverter topology, offering high efficiency and performance. DynamiX active harmonic filters are in high demand in our country as well as in countries such as Norway, China, Croatia and Italy, where shipyards and shipbuilding are developing as industries.

Büyükdeğirmenci stated that in order to carry out active harmonic filter sizing in the maritime industry, the onboard energy system must be analyzed very well and said, “At this point, it is very important to make correct calculations such as energy system stability, short circuit current and system impedance. The power of the active harmonic filter and how it will be applied to which point is revealed as a result of these analyzes. Therefore, it is necessary to work with companies that can analyze the onboard energy system well, make appropriate AHF sizing and provide engineering services.” he said.

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