Tips for Car Care in Summer

Puff points in car care in summer
Puff points in car care in summer

It is up to you to prolong the life of your vehicle with some tricks about both regular maintenance and driving! One of the most important conditions for continuing the road with your vehicle satisfied is to have the vehicle serviced regularly. Neglected maintenance causes serious problems both economically and in terms of safety and driving pleasure in the long run. Regular cleaning, seasonality, avoiding haste and paying attention to the quality of the fuel you use are some of the valuable tips that will keep your vehicle young.

  • Rule One: Regular cleaning is essential.

The exterior washing of your vehicle concerns both the exterior and the interior system. Having the vehicle cleaned periodically with appropriate methods is one of the ways to extend the life of the vehicle. The vehicle's air intakes should be cleaned in case of accumulation of dirt such as rust and sediment. For stubborn dirt accumulated on the outer surface, prefer pre-washing with a high-pressure cleaner before automatic washing.

The interior cleaning of the vehicle is just as important as the exterior cleaning. In particular, the pandemic process showed that vehicle hygiene; It is one of the most important factors affecting the health of passengers and users. In interior cleaning, all surfaces that the passenger and driver come into contact with, such as the vehicle floor covering, seats, grip pipes, vehicle dashboard, should be cleaned regularly with appropriate cleaning materials.

Regular cleaning keeps your vehicle young at all times.

  • Rule Two: Protect your vehicle from the sun.

In hot weather, you should protect your vehicle from the sun. Because sunlight damages the paint of the vehicle; leaves it vulnerable to corrosion. If you can't keep your car in a garage, at least try to park it in the shade, out of the sun. In this way, you protect the car seat upholstery and the car console against sun fading. At the same time, the problem of high temperature in the car caused by waiting under the sun is prevented.

  • Rule Three: Pay attention to the quality of the fuel and adblue you will use.

Poor quality and cheap fuels may cause foreign substances to enter the engine's fuel system as they contain unsuitable chemicals and particles. This damages the fuel system of the engine (injectors, pump, etc.) and considers the performance of the vehicle. Apart from performance; Engine overheating may also cause unexpected results such as breakdown/accident. Therefore, you should be careful not to use poor quality fuel.

Likewise, in case of using adble that does not meet the standards, the vehicle emission system is damaged in a short time and is reflected to the user as a high repair cost.

Another part of these rules covers routine checks of the vehicle before the summer.

Tire control and change is one of the most important of these. It is very important to choose and use tires suitable for seasonal conditions in vehicles. However, the tires may be worn and damaged during the winter months, if the tires are old, they should be replaced and a spare tire should be available. It is necessary to pay attention to the pressure value of the tires and make sure that it is at the appropriate value. In order to understand whether there is asymmetric tread wear due to road conditions, the tire tread depth should be measured periodically and the suitability of the tires to the road should be checked.

Wheel balancing, checking the brake system and engine oil, and battery maintenance and control are other important points to be checked before summer.

Attention should also be paid to the filter change, the radiator and the maintenance and control of the wipers.

Making sure that the air conditioner, which is not used much during the winter, is working, and if there is a malfunction, having it repaired is also a must for driving pleasure on hot summer days.

Tips for Not Tiring the Vehicle While Driving

  • Do not rush

If you take off fast at short-distance traffic lights, you'll have to brake hard at the next light or if you stall again. Using the vehicle in this way causes the vehicle components to wear out in a shorter time, and the passengers in it cannot travel comfortably and safely. The speed must be adjusted correctly so that the brake and engine parts are not forced. Otherwise, these parts will wear out in a short time. Choosing the right speed of the vehicle and using the brakes in accordance with the road conditions can save up to 30% of fuel.

  • Engine overheating is harmful

When the engine is cold, high speeds should not be exceeded, especially at first starts. The greatest wear on engine parts occurs when lubrication has not yet reached its optimum level. The engine must be used at the appropriate coolant and engine oil temperature determined by the vehicle manufacturer. Warnings and warnings on the driver information screens should be taken into account, as the overheating of the engine will cause severe engine damage. During the periodical maintenance of the vehicle, all systems should be checked and the parts determined in the periodic maintenance should be changed.

As long as you pay attention to check these values ​​​​before a long journey and follow the rules during the summer, the efficiency you will get from the vehicle will be maximized.

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