Priorities Determined for İzmir Clean Energy Sector

Priorities determined for izmir clean energy sector
Priorities determined for izmir clean energy sector

The Focus Group Meetings, which were held to identify the development areas of the Clean Energy sector, ended with the sixth one held online on June 16, 2021. 180 people with expertise in different fields related to the sector attended the meetings with their opinions and suggestions.

At the last meeting held with the theme of “İzmir Clean Energy Sectoral Transformation”, the results of previous meetings were prioritized. BEST For Energy Project Team Leader Ekin TAŞKIN, who moderated the meeting, stated that in-depth analysis of the current situation and understanding the future trends in the industry are critical success factors in order to prepare a realistic and applicable action plan. Sharing important data on the results of the value chain analysis they have completed, Taşkın stated that more than 152% of the 80 companies they interviewed in the Clean Energy and Clean Technology Sector have increased both their turnover and profitability in the last two years, despite the shrinkage experienced due to the pandemic, and stated that the Clean Energy and Clean Technology Sector is for Turkey. He said that the next period is the star sector.

At the focus group meetings held within the scope of the project, dozens of ideas under many topics such as future trends, sectors suitable for transformation, infrastructure projects, human resource development, areas to support new entrepreneurs were prioritized by all participants through online applications.

At the meeting, it was stated that cooperation and coordination are very important for the efforts to increase the competitiveness of the Clean Energy and Clean Technology Sector, and a solid foundation was laid for the cooperation in the sector with the Focus Group Meetings. BEST For Energy Project Coordinator Hülya ULUSOY SUNGUR stated that this cooperation environment will ensure the success of both the BEST For Energy Project and other projects of İzmir Development Agency for the Clean Energy Sector, and thanked all the participants for their contributions.



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