Presidency of Supreme Court to Recruit 212 Officers

presidency of supreme court will recruit civil servants
presidency of supreme court will recruit civil servants

To be employed within the Presidency of the Court of Cassation, the Appendix 657 of the Principles Regarding the Employment of Contracted Personnel, which was put into effect with the Council of Ministers Decision dated 4 and no. Pursuant to this, 06.06.1978 personnel will be recruited for the contracted positions specified in the table below, based on the KPSS scores of 7, based on the results of the applied and oral or oral exams to be held by the Presidency of the Supreme Court.

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a) Candidates must submit their applications via electronic application by logging into the e-Government system via the website ( -is-basvurusu) between 07.06.2021 – 11.06.2021 until 17.00. applications will not be accepted.

b) Candidates must complete the application process by uploading the required documents to the system completely and one by one. Candidates are responsible for inaccuracies and missing documents in the uploaded documents.

c) After the application process is completed, the candidates should check whether their application has been completed on the "My Applications" screen. Any application that does not show "Application Complete" on the "My Applications" screen will not be considered.


a) To have the general conditions specified in Article 657 of the Law No. 48,

b) To have completed the age of 18 as of the date of application,

c) Not to have a mental illness that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously,

d) Not receiving retirement or old-age pension from the Social Security Institution,

e) Candidates who will apply for the positions of Clerk, Analyst, Programmer, Technician, Technician, Cameraman, should not have completed the age of 11.06.2021 as of 35, the last day of application. (Those who were born on 11.06.1986 and later can apply.)

f) Candidates who will apply for the protection and security guard position must not have completed the age of 11.06.2021 as of 30, which is the last day of application. (Those with a date of birth on 11.06.1991 and later can apply.)

g) To take the KPSS (B group) exam in 2020 and to get at least 3 points from the KPSSP93 score type for undergraduate graduates, KPSSP94 score type for associate degree graduates, and KPSSP60 score type for secondary education graduates. At least 70 points will be required for the position of record clerk and guard and security guard.

h) To be positive as a result of the security investigation and archive research,

i) While working in public institutions and organizations on a contract basis pursuant to Article 657/B of the Civil Servants Law No. 4, the contract has not been terminated by any Institution within the last year due to acting contrary to the principles of the service contract,

j) During the contract period, determined by the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 06.06.1978 and numbered 7/15754
Except for the exceptions, those who have unilaterally terminated the contract may re-open before one year from the date of termination.
They cannot be employed in contracted positions.

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