Canal Istanbul will be safe from the Bosphorus in terms of navigational safety

Kanal Istanbul will be safe from the Bosphorus in terms of navigational safety.
Kanal Istanbul will be safe from the Bosphorus in terms of navigational safety.

The construction of Kanal Istanbul started with a ceremony held on Saturday, June 26, with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, our Ministers, General Manager of Highways Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, bureaucrats and representatives of the company in charge.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Erdoğan; He stated that a new page has been opened in Turkey's development history and that a new step has been added to the steps taken for the development of our country today.

Stating that 45 thousand ships pass through the Bosphorus annually, and that there is a traffic of 54 thousand people at only 500 piers in the city, President Erdoğan said; He said that the strait traffic means a serious risk for the city.

“We look at Kanal Istanbul as a project to save the future of Istanbul”

Underlining that Kanal Istanbul will be implemented as the world's most environmentally friendly project that will save the future of Istanbul, President Erdoğan said, “The projections show that the number of ships that will pass through the Bosphorus in 2050 will reach 78 thousand. According to calculations, the safe passage capacity of the Bosphorus is 25 thousand. The current route was chosen as the most reasonable and efficient line among 5 different alternatives according to scientific studies.

”The length of the canal is 45 kilometers”

Stating that the length of the canal is 45 kilometers, the minimum floor width is 275 meters, oil tankers up to 275 meters long and container ships up to 350 meters long can pass through this canal, President Erdoğan said; “We aim to complete Kanal Istanbul in 15 years at a cost of approximately 6 billion dollars. The studies carried out showed that the ship traffic in Kanal Istanbul will be 13 times safer than in the Bosphorus.”

“Canal Istanbul will easily finance itself. Its contribution to Turkey cannot be compared with its cost”

Expressing that Turkey will have another world-class work financed by its own revenues without leaving 5 cents from the state and nation's coffers, President Erdoğan said; Kanal Istanbul ended his speech with the wishes of the Sazlıdere Bridge to be beneficial to our country and nation.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu said; Emphasizing that many giant transportation projects such as Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Osmangazi Bridge, Camlica Tower, Marmaray, Istanbul Airport, Istanbul-Izmir, Ankara-Niğde and Northern Marmara Highways have been completed and put to the service of the nation, “Our bridge, the foundation of which was laid; Being a part of the 45 km Başakşehir-Bahçeşehir-Hadımköy Road, it will also provide the passage of the Sazlıdere section of Canal Istanbul. Together with the approach viaducts, the total length of our bridge will be 1618 meters.

“Canal Istanbul will be 13 times safer than the Bosphorus in terms of navigational safety”

Minister Karaismailoğlu stated that 204 scientists were involved in the engineering works of Kanal Istanbul; He said that when the project is completed, it will primarily ensure the safety of life and property of our citizens in and around the Bosphorus, protect the historical and cultural texture of the Bosphorus, as well as alleviate the traffic load of the Bosphorus, and according to the simulations, Kanal Istanbul will be 13 times safer than the Bosphorus in terms of navigational safety. added.

“With Kanal Istanbul, the door of a new era will be opened in the transportation sector”

Minister Karaismailoğlu also stated that with Kanal Istanbul, a strategic move and vision project that designs our future, the door of a new era has been opened in the transportation sector, and that this strategic move, which emerged in line with the increasing needs of our country in transportation infrastructures, has made Turkey a global logistics base, both in its region and in the world trade. and that it will have a say in transportation routes.

Kanal Istanbul, as an alternative waterway to the Bosphorus, will provide safe sea transportation and thus create new residential and commercial areas that allow the balanced distribution of the city population.

Kanal Istanbul Sazlıdere Bridge, which is the first step of Kanal Istanbul, one of the transportation investments of worldwide importance, was designed in diamond geometry. The middle span of the taut sling bridge will be 440 m, its total length will be 1.618 m and it will serve traffic with 2×4 lanes.

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