Infrastructure Works of Kırıkhan Organized Industrial Zone Started

Infrastructure works of Kirikhan Organized Industrial Zone have started
Infrastructure works of Kirikhan Organized Industrial Zone have started

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank hit the first scoop for the infrastructure works of Kırıkhan Organized Industrial Zone (OSB), which will be established in Kırıkhan district of Hatay.

Varank examined the area allocated for Kırıkhan OIZ. Being an operator by riding the bucket brought to the region, Varank also started infrastructure works.

Making a statement here, Varank said that as the Ministry of Industry and Technology, they are always in contact with Governor Rahmi Doğan, deputies and mayors regarding the needs and demands of Hatay.

Varank informed that Kırıkhan OSB is an area of ​​860 decares and continued as follows:

“Hopefully, 51-52 industrial parcels will emerge here. Here, our governor and mayor started the first works with their own means. A little while ago, we also used construction machines in the works to support them and give them morale. Of course, Hatay is a very important city with its culture, tourism and agriculture, but it is also a city that is progressing very rapidly in industry. Furnituremakers Industry Specialized Industrial Site, which we opened, will bring vitality to the region. There are different OIZ demands from our different districts. We consider all of them as the Ministry of Industry and Technology, and we give them all the support we can. We are aware that this OIZ in Kırıkhan will bring great enthusiasm to this region and trigger investments. I hope Kırıkhan OSB started with the activities of our municipality, with construction equipment and with its own efforts, but we, as the Ministry, will provide the necessary support and ensure that the infrastructure of this organized industrial zone is ready as soon as possible and we will allocate these to our industrialists.”

Pointing to the importance of production and employment, Varank said, “We want to come to the fore with production and employment in Hatay. Hopefully, we will be able to see a much more successful Hatay in the industrial sector in the coming periods. Here, of course, the infrastructure of the OSB must be completed first. Our mayor made a request from us for up to 5 million liras, and said, 'We will fulfill all the remaining needs'. Hopefully, we will arrange a resource of 5 million liras for him from the possibilities of our Ministry, and on top of that, our municipality will complete the infrastructure of the entire region and hand it over to our industrialists.” said.


After his examinations in Kırıkhan OSB, Varank visited the largest cleaning materials production facility in the region, Protection Cleaning AŞ, and received information from the authorities there.

Varank told reporters that Hatay is one of the most powerful cities with its nature, tourism and agriculture, and that it hosts important investments in industry.

Stating that the facility they visited is the only powder chlorine production facility in Turkey, Varank said:

“Our Protection Cleaning company has very important investments here. This facility produces the raw materials of especially cleaning products such as hydrochloric acid and chlorine. At this facility we are in, trial production is currently being carried out at the only powder chlorine production facility in Turkey, which was recently completed. Hopefully, after 1 month, we are talking about an investment of 20 million dollars in this facility, it will start production. When it goes into production, this facility will be meeting all of Turkey's powder chlorine needs. It will also contribute to the prevention of a significant current account deficit. Of course, the chemical industry is a very important industry. Our cleaning company is also the chairman of the board of directors of GEBKİM, which has investments all over Turkey and is the only Chemical Specialized Organized Industrial Zone in Turkey. You know, we have had discussions with them about the petrochemical investments that the Russian Federation Tatarstan Republic will make in our country recently. Of course, we want it to be a single agenda item all over Turkey. This is investment, employment, production and export. Facilities like this and investments made by our entrepreneurs are the most important supporters of the investment, employment, production and export agenda we want to hear in Turkey.”

Varank stated that they will carry Hatay to much better places in Turkey's industry and economy.

Minister Varank was accompanied by Hatay Governor Rahmi Doğan, AK Party Hatay Deputy Hüseyin Yayman, Kırıkhan Mayor Ayhan Yavuz, İskenderun Mayor Fatih Tosyalı and other officials.

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