How Will The Much-Awaited Olympic Games Affect Mobile Usage?

How will the highly anticipated Olympic Games affect mobile usage?
How will the highly anticipated Olympic Games affect mobile usage?

The whole world is excitedly waiting for the 2020 Summer Olympics, which was planned to be held last year but postponed to this summer due to the pandemic that affected the whole world. While the postponement of the European football championship and the Olympics last year upset many people, not only sports fans, the summer of 2021 continues in an exciting way for all sports lovers. Especially at the Olympics, while the whole world watches its teams and athletes holding their breath; brands continue to look for the most effective ways to reach their target audiences.

With the rapid increase in mobile usage last year, AdColony conducted the Summer Olympic Games Research to understand and analyze the impact of smartphones on audiences in Turkey and how brands can interact with consumers during the Olympics, and the results once again revealed the unstoppable power of mobile.

While 69% of the respondents stated that they would watch the Summer Olympics on TV, 48% said they would follow the games on their smartphones. When we look at the devices in particular; it seems that viewers want to follow the event comfortably without being tied to a single device. While 68% of the participants think it is important to follow the Summer Olympics on more than one device, 54% report that they will follow it on more than one device. The fact that 48% of the participants stated that they were considering downloading mobile applications to follow or watch events proves that the importance of mobile applications for sports lovers increased in this period.

When we look at the shopping approaches during the Summer Olympics, it turns out that sports events also increased the shopping of sports products. While 55% of the participants state that they will buy sports shoes during this period, 38% of them state that they will shop for sportswear. In order for brands to catch the attention of their users on mobile devices, it is also very important that their target audience interact with the brand. 51% of respondents said they would interact with and rewatch the ads they saw on their mobile devices during the Summer Olympics.

In terms of applications, 43% of the participants state that they spend most of their time in news applications while watching activities related to any sport, while 38% say they spend more time in mobile game applications and 28% in communication/messaging applications.

The power of mobile games is revealed once again in the era of sports events. While 54% of viewers state that they play mobile games in more sports genres than ever after watching any sport related events, 68% say they play the games on their smartphones.

Athletics is the biggest sport that audiences in Turkey are eagerly waiting for. While 63% of the participants say that they plan to watch athletics races, gymnastics (56%) and swimming (52%) stand out as the activities that participants expect to watch with excitement. Surfing is one of the sports events that will return to the Olympics after many years or will take place for the first time, and with 48%, surfing is the new competition that the audience in Turkey is most excitedly waiting for.

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