How Can Energy Efficiency Projects Without Investment Budget Be Made?

How to make energy efficiency projects without investment budget
How to make energy efficiency projects without investment budget

Organizations that do not allocate any investment budget for energy efficiency projects can realize all energy efficiency projects, from heating to cooling, from pumps to electric motors or lighting, with Energy Performance Contracts.

Energy Performance Contracts; A financial method used in energy efficiency investments. This system, which is used without the need to benefit from the incentives and supports offered by the government, offers advantages to companies in many respects. Industrial facilities and commercial buildings primarily have energy audits done. In order to use the savings potential they see after the energy survey, they can implement the project with Energy Performance contracts without paying any fee.


VAT Energy General Manager Altuğ Karataş, who gave information about Energy Performance Contracts; “Thanks to energy performance contracts, commercial buildings or industrial facilities pay the cost of their investment project with their savings. When you make an agreement with an energy efficiency service company, the energy efficiency service company makes the investment and makes a commitment to the energy savings you can achieve per month. It receives its monthly fee from the energy saving commitment, and delivers the system to you at the end of the contracted period.” said.

VAT Energy, which realizes energy efficiency projects in all industrial facilities and commercial buildings that want to increase profitability in production and stand out in competition with energy savings, also provides services to Turkey's largest industrial establishments.

VAT Energy, which provides services on energy efficiency to 500 companies in the ISO67 list, also provides information and consultancy regarding the supports known as the Efficiency Increasing Project (VAP).

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