How and Where to Match Istanbulkart HEPP Code?

How and where to do istanbulkart hes code matching
How and where to do istanbulkart hes code matching

Istanbulkart HEPP Code matching procedures started to be investigated. In order for citizens to use public transportation vehicles without any problems, identification with the HEPP code is required. After the ban will be lifted on July 1, the use of Hayat Eve Sığar application will continue. How and where to match the Istanbulkart HEPP Code, which entered our lives with the coronavirus epidemic? Hayat Eve Sığar Istanbulkart HEPP code identification screen!

Istanbulkart HEPP Code Definition and Matching Screen

HES Code, personal information and phone number you receive via Hayat Eve Sığar application or SMS. It can be defined by filling in the required fields on the site.

If you are an Istanbulkart Mobile user, you can define the application in a few steps with the necessary directions when you first enter the application.

Within the scope of the measures taken by the Ministry of Health, according to the circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the information of the persons who are diagnosed or have contact and who are found to be in isolation, but using the urban public transportation vehicles are shared with the relevant authorities. Public transportation use of patients, carriers or those who are in contact with these people with a diagnosis of Covid-19 will be temporarily prevented.

Can Be Made From Card Filling Centers

As part of the coronavirus measures, Istanbulkarts used for public transportation in Istanbul were required to have a HEPP code on January 15, 2021. As of this date, those who did not have their code defined on their card could not use public transportation. Matching can be done online as well as at Istanbul Card Filling Centers.

Getting HEPP Code with Hayat Eve Sığar Application

On the Hayat Eve Sığar application, enter the 'HEPP Code Transactions' section and click the 'Create HEPP Code' button. The code usage period is selected and the CODE is created.

Receiving HEPP Code via E-Government Application

You can get the HEPP code via the e-Government system at

Receiving HEPP Code via SMS

Write HES and leave a space between them, write the TR ID number, the last 4 digits of the TR ID serial number and the sharing period, and send it to 2023 as an SMS.

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