Hatuniye Square, the Heart of Basmane, Will Be the Attractive Center of the Region

Hatuniye Square, the heart of basmane, will be the center of attraction of the region
Hatuniye Square, the heart of basmane, will be the center of attraction of the region

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn line with the vision of revitalizing the historical axis between Konak and Kadifekale and increasing the attractiveness of the region, it started to work on the arrangement of Hatuniye Square in Basmane, one of the historical districts of Izmir. With the project, the historical texture of the square will emerge and the attraction of the region will increase.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerA new one has been added to the arrangement works on the Konak-Kadifekale axis, which is important for the development of the city in the axis of history and tourism. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which made the entrance gate to the south of the excavation site and renovated the Havra Street, 848 Street and Azizler Street in order to increase the awareness of the ancient Smyrna Agora, started to work on Hatuniye Square, the heart of the historical district of Izmir, Basmane. The 369 square meter square, where many historical buildings are located, as well as the historical Dönertaş Sabil, Hatuniye Mosque and Tevfik Paşa Mansion, will have a brand new look with the works of the Metropolitan.

There will be seating units and a pool.

Seating units will be created in the square, which is the only place where local and foreign tourists who come to visit Basmane can take a breather. Some trees that have become sick and dried up in the square will be removed and new trees will be planted in their place. Healthy trees will be protected and surrounded by composite tree trunks that protect tree roots. The square will be made visible by making granite flooring instead of concrete flooring. A reflection pool will be built to give the square a stylish look. There will be round seating units with grass around the pool. In order to provide the connection between Hatuniye Mosque and 1300 Street and Anafartalar Street, a passageway with seating groups under it, covered with a top cover made of wooden beams. All lighting poles in the square will be replaced with new ones. The works, which will cost 1,1 million lira, will be completed in September. When the works are completed, the square will become a living place day and night, where social and cultural activities can be held.

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