Georgia-Armenia Rail Transport Reopens

Georgia-Armenia railway transportation opens again
Georgia-Armenia railway transportation opens again

Georgian Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Natiya Turnava, announced that Georgia and Armenia have reopened the railway transportation, which was interrupted due to the coronavirus epidemic, and that the first train will depart from Yerevan to go to Batumi on June 15.

According to the news in Sputniknews; "Georgia Economy and Sustainable Development Minister Natiya Turnava, who made a statement to the press after the government's session, said that Georgia and Armenia reopened the railway transportation that was interrupted by the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, and that the first train from Yerevan to Batumi was scheduled for 15 June. He also said he would get up.

Turnava said, “I want to say that the railway communication between Armenia and Georgia has started again. On June 15, the first train will depart from Yerevan via Tbilisi to Batumi. This means that tourists from our allied neighboring state can come to Georgia, our Black Sea resorts, our capital, other tourist destinations,” he said.

Passenger trains between the two countries have not been operating since March 2020. In a statement made by the Georgian Railways administration to the Russian press, it was stated that the resumption date of the Yerevan-Tbilisi-Yerevan train, which was suspended due to the epidemic, is not yet certain.

As of June 1, Georgia opened its road borders with its nearest neighbors, which have remained closed since March last year. Persons from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey who have completed the full course of vaccination will be able to enter Georgia by presenting a negative PCR test at the border.

Persons who cannot present the document confirming their vaccination upon entry into Georgia will be able to cross the border by presenting the negative PCR test certificate made at the latest 72 hours in advance and undertake the obligation to retest within 3 days.

As of February 1, the ban on scheduled flights in Georgia has been lifted.

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