Free Transportation Opportunity Provided to 11 Thousand Health Workers in Samsun

Free transportation was provided to a thousand health workers in Samsun
Free transportation was provided to a thousand health workers in Samsun

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality continues its free transportation support for healthcare workers who are fighting on the front line in the coronavirus epidemic in Samsun. Stating that approximately 11 thousand health workers benefit from the free public transportation service in the city, President Mustafa Demir said, "We are always with them and at their service."

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has announced the 2021 4-month statistics of SAMULAŞ, which has a major role in urban public transportation. In the statistics covering the rail system, bus lines, and private public buses, transport figures for passenger classifications were specified.

During the pandemic period, when the total closure and weekend curfews greatly reduced the number of flights and passengers, an average of 39 thousand people used public transportation vehicles per day. The light rail system ranked first with 24 passengers. SAMULAŞ buses came second with 680 thousand 11 passengers, followed by private public buses with 290 thousand 3 passengers.


The light rail system, which is Samsun's busiest public transportation vehicle in monthly statistics, maintained its leadership by far compared to buses and public buses. 613 thousand 107 people in January, 693 thousand 17 in February, 933 thousand 380 in March and 722 thousand 127 people in April on rail system trams, 279 thousand 997 in January, 304 thousand 693 in February, and 431 thousand 435 people in April on SAMULAŞ bus lines. 338 thousand 656 passengers in Istanbul, 81 thousand 459 passengers in April, 88 thousand 312 passengers in January, 115 thousand 345 passengers in February, 82 thousand 561 passengers in March and 3 thousand XNUMX passengers in April on private public bus lines. March was the month with the highest number of passengers in XNUMX public transport systems.

Daily passenger transport averages are also included in SAMULAŞ's four-month statistics for 2021. Accordingly, 4 thousand 65 of which 4 thousand 413 are free of charge, covering health workers, law enforcement officers, disabled citizens and citizens over the age of 24 in the light rail system, 680 thousand 3 are free in municipal buses, 120 thousand 11 are free, and 290 are free in private public buses. One thousand 892 people traveled daily.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir stated that 10 thousand 836 health workers benefit from free urban public transportation and said, "We are always with them and at their service."

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