Eskişehir is the Best Place for Air Cargo in Turkey

Eskisehir is the best place for air cargo
Eskisehir is the best place for air cargo

Nadir Kupeli, Chairman of the Board of Eskişehir OSB (EOSB), said, “Eskişehir has the capacity to become Turkey's air cargo hub with its many unique advantages. If we can make good use of this opportunity, we can bring a new sector to our city that will strengthen Eskişehir's economy. Let's not miss this opportunity," he said.

In the globalizing free market economy, air logistics and transportation are becoming more important and strategic every day. Although its cost is higher than land, rail and sea routes, the fact that it has great advantages in speed and safety increases the need for air transportation of many enterprises, especially those that make strategic production. Especially with the recent pandemic, the importance of air cargo transportation has come to the fore even more.

Air Cargo will add a lot to Eskişehir

Stating that Eskişehir has the most rooted and developed aviation industry in our country, and that it has an airport that meets international standards, it has many unique advantages, Eskişehir OIZ President Nadir Küpeli said, "If it is necessary to raise competition and export targets with the world, Eskişehir's place in the country's industry. We think that our city has an important infrastructure and potential for the Air Logistics Base in order to carry its importance to another dimension. If we make good use of this opportunity, we will bring a very important power factor to Eskişehir's economy. If we use our idle airport in this way, we will provide a very serious resource inflow to both the city economy and the economy of our country. I think that we, as the entire bureaucracy administration of our city and the business world, can make a significant progress in a short time by collaborating on this issue. If we make Eskişehir the air cargo center of Turkey, new investment and business opportunities will arise in our current aviation industry, as well as new business opportunities that the logistics sector will create will allow new investments to come to our city.”

Eskişehir is very convenient in many ways

In his statement, President Küpeli said, “We can list the prominent features of Eskişehir in terms of being the "Air Cargo" center of Turkey as follows;

  • Eskişehir's geographical location advantage
  • Industrial production volume covering Eskişehir and its surroundings
  • Eskişehir is within easy reach of 50% of the population and 60% of the economic volume in the surrounding provinces.
  • Being close to the logistics bases that Eskişehir can reach with the integration of land, railway and port
  • The airport, which is not used frequently for passenger transportation, can be considered as a semi-inactive airport.
    Being the accessible distance between Hasan Bey, one of the few Logistics Centers of Turkey in terms of volume, and the Airport.
  • The distance between the existing railways and the logistics center, the airport and the advantage of making additional roads with low costs
  • Sustainable studies for the employment and training of technical team regarding Air Logistics Base and transportation with Eskişehir Technical University
  • With the establishment of the center in Eskişehir, a significant contribution is made to the reduction of the very dense air cargo traffic in Istanbul, while at the same time, it will also reduce the urban traffic in Istanbul, as the cargo transportation that comes to our country by plane and then goes from Istanbul to other provinces will shift to Eskişehir. will contribute.
  • High involvement of companies engaged in production in the defense and aerospace industry in Eskişehir and production with strategic and sensitive content
  • Existence of public investments that can publicly support the Air Logistics Base and encourage guarantee delivery agreements
  • Logistics volume and preferences that the city industry will need with a perspective of 10-20-30 years
  • The firsts that Eskişehir has made in the name of industry, agriculture, domestic production since the Republican era and the city's genetic experience in this regard are our very important features.”

An integrated infrastructure should be established

In the last part of his statement, EOSB President Küpeli said, "In addition to these features, if a Free Zone is built close to Eskişehir Hasan Polatkan Airport, with the railway integration between Hasanbey Logistics center and Eskişehir OSB, Free Zone and Hasan Polatkan Airport, we will provide Eskişehir with air cargo from all over the world. The products to come can either be transferred to the free zone or can be delivered to the provinces that need to go by rail or road in a very short time. If this investment is established in an integrated structure with the desired qualities in Eskişehir, we will bring a very strong sector to the economy of our city both in terms of employment and new investments and business volume.”



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