Criminal Actions Taken on Ankara Niğde Highway Are On The Parliamentary Agenda

Criminal proceedings on the Ankara Nigde highway are on the parliamentary agenda.
Criminal Actions Taken on Ankara Niğde Highway Are On The Parliamentary Agenda

Orhan Sümer, CHP Adana Deputy and Member of the KİT Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, brought the criminal proceedings on the Ankara - Niğde Highway, which was built by the ERG company with the Build - Operate - Transfer model, to the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Orhan Sümer, who made a statement on the subject, said, “Mr. Minister regarding the road construction between Ankara and Niğde, 'We have an annual savings of 885 million liras in time. There is only fuel savings of 743 million lira/year. In total, we have an annual savings of 1 billion 628 million liras. The corresponding decrease in carbon emissions was 19 million liras. We see that very few use the highway due to high fares. On top of that, exorbitant fines are imposed on those who use the highway. Since the day it was put into use, the Motorway has neither been able to provide a guarantee of passage nor has it been able to make an economic profit," he said.


Orhan Sümer, who said that the highway is high priced and not used, said, “Ankara-Niğde Highway was put into service in December last year. It was announced that 1 billion 628 million liras will be saved annually. The fees are high, no one can use the road, to their criticism; It was stated that it will improve over time. The road is still empty. Citizens do not want to use it because the toll fees are too high. I want to give an example. Citizens use the road on 23.05.2021. Coming to the Payment Point. No one to pay. He's exiting. Notice comes 20 days later. 144 Lira Transition Fee – 578 Lira Penalty – You have to pay 722 Lira in total. It is said that if you do not pay as if you are threatening, legal action will be initiated against you. Penalty is 20 times the principal amount in 4 days. In fact, citizens are being defrauded in a way," he said.


Speaking in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Sümer said, “The pro-contractors, which the AKP government has not been able to satisfy for 19 years by selling their homeland parcels of land, have now coveted the three cents in the pocket of the citizen, the license of his car, the title deed of his house. Shame on those who have the understanding that by giving guarantee figures for every job, only the supporters should not suffer, and if money is to be paid, the citizen pays anyway.”

Source: Republic

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