BELMEK Courses Open Their Doors Again to Women in the Capital

Belmek courses opened their doors to women in the capital again
Belmek courses opened their doors to women in the capital again

BELMEK Courses, affiliated to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Department of Culture and Social Affairs, started again with the transition to the normalization process. BELMEKs, which were temporarily closed during the pandemic process, opened their doors to women in the capital as of June 14 with limited quota. Free vocational training is provided at 6 points in 59 districts in the free courses that attract great attention.

The free BELMEK courses, to which the citizens of the capital showed great interest in order to improve their manual skills, use their spare time and have a profession, were reopened after a long break.

Trainings have started as of June 14 at BELMEK courses, which have been closed for a while due to the pandemic process.


The re-opening of BELMEKs serving under the Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Department made the women of the capital happy.

In BELMEKs serving in 6 course centers in 59 districts in the capital; Yenimahalle BELMEK Regional Officer Saliha Baştürk, who stated that they provide free training in 31 different branches from wood painting to music lessons, from handicrafts to painting lessons, said that they were met with intense interest as soon as they opened:

“Our 2021 summer semester courses have started. We continue to provide training in 31 branches. Our courses were closed during the pandemic process. We met with our trainees again, we missed each other very much. We started our classes with great love and enthusiasm. We wish you continued health.”

Serap Karaduman said that she has been attending the painting course for 3 years and said, “BELMEK courses are very good, they are very beneficial for us. It's nice to come up with something. I started with pencil drawing, now I switched to dry pencil. We'll go all the way to watercolor, pastel and oil paint. Fatma Ertekin, who stated that they created beautiful works thanks to the training they received in BELMEK courses, said:

“I am very happy that the courses are open. It's nice to produce something. Instead of spending free time at home, we can even produce our children's dowry. We can generate income or we can find the opportunity to make sales.”

Another BELMEK trainee named Hikmet Çelik, who emphasized that he enjoys working with handicrafts, said, “We are very happy to start classes again. I make bedspreads, I also work for my daughter's dowry. He underlined that he misses the courses with the words “We spend our time here instead of sitting idle at home”.


As the classes start to fill up in a short time due to the intense interest in BELMEK courses, which are limited to quotas, women from Başkent of all ages and professions over the age of 18 can register for the courses at the following phone numbers:

  • Cankaya: (0312) 433 82 71
  • Çayyolu: (0312) 235 78 69
  • Keçiören: (0312) 352 44 52
  • Mamak: (0312) 320 56 17
  • Xinjiang: (0312) 271 03 42
  • Yenimahalle: (0312) 507 37 70

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