Babadağ Cable Car Attracts Great Interest from Domestic and Foreign Tourists

Babadag cable car attracts great attention from local and foreign tourists
Babadag cable car attracts great attention from local and foreign tourists

In Babadağ, the world's most popular paragliding center, the 'Babadag Cable Car' project continues to serve the public. Babadağ Teleferik, which hosts the people of Fethiye and foreign guests from abroad, saw high demand. Cengiz Koçak, General Manager of Kırtur Babadağ Cable Car, gave detailed information about the prices of the cable cars and stated that the citizens were satisfied with the prices.


Stating that the cable car starts from the main station and comes back to the main station from the summit with only one ticket, Kırtur Babadağ Cable Car General Manager Cengiz Koçak said, “The Babadağ cable car was opened a month ago. You have 6 paragliding take-off tracks, 4 restaurants, a cable car, and two chairlift lines. I think there are various discourses among the public, I do not know whether they are right or wrong, so I can explain the prices as follows to correct them. We have the main station, but the location of our station is on the left side as you descend to Ölüdeniz between Ölüdeniz and Fethiye road. It is out of question to start from the main station and return to the main station, that is, to go up and buy a ticket from a box office again. Our full ticket is 80 TL, student 60 TL, all kinds of paragliding pilots 30 TL, and we provide free service to martyrs and veterans. Even though we have about 4 stations, any ticket purchased is valid until you start from our main station and go up to the summit and get back to the main station.”


Emphasizing that the citizens should not listen to the rhetoric about the cable car fees, Koçak said, “I hear some things when you go up, you need to buy a ticket again, there is no such thing. Are the turnstiles already working with a smart system? A ticket is valid from the main station until it returns to the main station.”


Expressing that the Babadağ Cable Car project is a special project, Kırtur Babadağ Cable Car General Manager Cengiz Koçak said, “The Babadağ cable car is a very special project, it is much easier for the citizens living in Fethiye to understand it, if in the evening, if Babadağ looks right from the balcony of his house, he will see the lights burning here. Over time, they will see the night-light transitions of these cabins of ours. Maybe there will be lights of different colors on special days. One of the reactions to this was that Fethiye's 30-year dream came true. They thank Kirtura for this. Our foreign guests, especially from abroad, are very satisfied with the price. Inexpensive for universal standards. I can claim that it is a normal price or even cheap in Turkey. This is a very reasonable figure that you pay for a system that takes you from 5 meters to 226 meters at a distance of about 1900 kilometers. I see that the people embrace us and the number of our visitors is increasing day by day. This makes us very happy. We are not yet in the middle of the season, but it is above your expectations. I believe it will be even better in the middle of the season and afterwards.”

Source: Gercekfethiye

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