Austria and China to Make Turkey the Center of the Iron Silk Road

Austria and China will make Turkey the center of the Iron Silk Road
Austria and China will make Turkey the center of the Iron Silk Road

The Pacific Eurasia business and the Austrian Railways have formed a new partnership to develop goods by train between Asia and Europe. This cooperation will further strengthen the connections between Asia and Europe, as well as the transit route will use Köseköy in Turkey as the most important terminal and will pass through the Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet countries) countries and operate between China and Europe.

The goods departing from China within the framework of the said partnership will be transported to Köseköy by Pacific Eurasia. From here on, Rail Cargo Group will undertake the transportation process to Europe. In the opposite direction, goods shipped from Europe will arrive in Köseköy, and from here on, Pacific Eurasia will carry out the transportation process to China via Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Both shipping companies will continuously cross the Eurasian mainland by rail and will be able to contribute to global efforts on climate change.

On this route, Köseköy functions as a kind of joint point in Turkey for the transportation of goods, as determined. Austrian Railways Rail Cargo Group and Pacific Eurasia play an important logistics function in terms of rail transport between China and Europe.

On the other hand, Austrian Railways Rail Cargo Group, which has 17 employees in Istanbul, offers ten round trips from Europe to Turkey per week. Halkalı carries a large amount of goods through it. Now, with the cooperation explained above, the trains in question will now arrive at the Köseköy terminal on the Asian side of Turkey.

Köseköy is one of TCDD's 19 logistics centers. and is the closest freight terminal to Istanbul used by Pacific Eurasia. This terminal is mostly used for the automobile, steel and wood industry and is an important joint in Eurasian mainland transportation.

Turkey is essentially described as "the bridge between East and West". As its geographical location between Asia and Europe makes Turkey a logistic joint point for many European countries, it also makes the market an important strategy for China.

Source: China International Radio

Günceleme: 01/06/2021 12:33

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