Traveling To Vienna? Here Are Some Useful Tips To Make Your Trip Easier

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Deemed the Land of Freud and Mozart, Vienna is an interesting destination that lures music and history lovers. The capital city and pride of Austria is famous for its historic cafés, operas, the Habsburgs, and schnitzels. Since the city boasts grandiose architecture and opulent settings, you must plan your trip and do some research before you set your stride. Moreover, there is so much to see, eat, learn, and experience in this phenomenal city that you must set your schedule to meticulously follow the itinerary. In case you are planning to visit Vienna in the near future, use this guide to get some useful insights and tips on getting around the city with ease.

1. Plan Your Time Wisely

Vienna is a large city and has a lot to offer to tourists and first-time visitors. With several unmissable spots and historic places, even two days are scarce to cover this magnificent city. With multiple sites to see and things to do, planning your time to fit all activities becomes extremely important. Popular locations like the Museumsquartier and St. Stephen’s Cathedral should be added to your list. Since there are multiple unmissable sites and activities to enjoy in Vienna, plan your time accordingly. That being said, prioritize your activities if you just have a few days to visit this awesome city.

2. Make a Reservation in Restaurants

Not many know this, but certain Austrian delicacies are a must-try when you visit Vienna. The city’s famous Sachertorte - a cake layered with chocolate sponge and apricot jam should definitely be on your list. Even though you can get a table at most restaurants without a reservation, booking your spot beforehand is essential if you wish to skip lines and move steadily. In particular, the famous coffee shops in Vienna can get extremely crowded, especially during the weekends and holidays. To avoid crowds, reserve a table online at least a week before your visit.

3. Dress for the Occasion

Needless to say, you must check the weather of the city and dress accordingly to move around comfortably and avoid stares from the locals. Nonetheless, you must also consider the occasion before you decide the outfit you will be wearing. For instance, dinners and attendance at operas require you to dress elegantly. If you are simply planning to explore the city on foot, wear something comfortable that allows you to move around freely.

4. Know the Routes Beforehand

If you are visiting Vienna from another European country or taking a transit flight to reach Vienna, you can book a cab for cheap at the airport. Despite being safe, carrying heavy luggage around until you reach your hotel should be avoided. The experienced drivers at recommend booking a cab online before you land. While getting to Vienna from the airport is easier than one anticipates, the real challenge lies in understanding the transportation lines in Vienna. However, you just need to do a little homework before you get to the city. The metro system and tram lines are pretty much straightforward once you comprehend the basic layout. Save money by buying one of the Vienna passes that provide access to public transportation and museums for free.

5. Take a Walking Tour

The concept of walking tours is popular around Europe and for the right reasons. A group of tourists is given a walking tour of famous cities by guides who know the place inside out. They also throw in some “hidden” facts and offer peculiar recommendations for places to visit once they finish the tour. Since most sites are located close to each other, you can cover all of them at once by foot. If you are satisfied with the tour, you can tip the guide according to your budget and satisfaction level. While some walking tours can be booked right before you head out to explore the city, it is advisable to book it ahead of time, especially if you are visiting with a big group.

6. Be Wary of Random Charges

Vienna is notorious for charging you randomly at places like shopping malls and restaurants, which is why you must be aware of the hidden costs before you buy any item. For instance, most restaurants charge extra if you visit their washroom. Similarly, requesting extra sauces or water may also be charged. Make sure that you are versed with the extra or hidden fees before visiting a place.

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With these tips in mind, you can visit Vienna and cover the significant locations with ease. To feel the Viennese essence, book a hotel that is located around the main sites to have easy access and save time. As mentioned, do not forget to visit the coffee houses to taste the popular and rich Viennese coffee.

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