Are You A Truck Driver? Here's How To Handle Any Possible Injuries


The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety states that one-tenth of all road deaths relate to crashes involving large trucks. They are often caused by driver tiredness, mechanical malfunctions (eg brake or engine failure), defective parts or poorly maintained vehicles.

It may be that you are a truck driver who has recently become injured. It may have been following a collision or while you were loading and unloading stock at a warehouse. Because this was a work-related accident, you should be able to claim workers’ compensation. This article has been written to help you learn how to receive the medical help that you need, and the finances required to achieve it.

Appoint A Lawyer To Help You

It is essential that you know your rights from the very beginning. An experienced legal professional would be in the best position to advise you.

The population of Augusta, Georgia was said to be 2021 in 199.614 and every year this figure increases. When it comes to workers' compensation for truck drivers in Georgia many accident victims ask lawyers how to report the incident to their employer and the insurance company. They also want to receive guidance on obtaining medical treatment and setting up their weekly disability payments. When truck drivers become injured due to the negligence of other parties they frequently also ask whether they can submit personal injury claims.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Whether or not you are aware of any pain or symptoms, you should either call a paramedic or see a doctor. You may be feeling numb or experiencing a rush of adrenaline following the incident. This can sometimes hide pain, making it all the more important to see a doctor no matter how well you feel.

It may be that you will experience whiplash after a few hours. Some medical symptoms take a while to manifest, and you may be referred for extra tests including X-rays, CT or MRI scans.

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Notify Your Workplace Promptly

In terms of workers’ compensation, you have thirty days to tell your employer and set things in motion. Having said that, it’s wise to tell your superior or manager immediately so that they can begin an investigation. Don’t be bullied into continuing to work because there are lots of things to do, and don’t be talked out of seeing a doctor. The moment you receive a medical assessment, a file will be created (and dated) that may be later used as evidence to support your claim.

If you don’t report your injury until several days after the accident, an insurance company could claim you were injured at a later date. The Statute of Limitations states how long you have in order to submit a personal injury claim. Whilst it’s often a two-year period, the timescale does vary from state to state.

Where To Go And What To Tell The Doctor

Whilst your employer or insurance company may suggest where to go for your medical treatment, you need to put yourself first, especially if they are suggesting you drive a long way to receive it. Truck accident attorneys can be really helpful when it comes to finding somewhere closer to your home.

When talking to the doctor it is paramount that you explain you were injured whilst working. This is important from a legal angle, and it may also help the doctor when they are considering your medical diagnosis.

Understand That Prevention Is Better Than Cure

If you have already been injured, you may be frustrated by the idea of future accident prevention. Another perspective is that you would not wish to ever repeat what has just happened.

In the future, it’s important that you take regular breaks on long journeys. This should be a minimum of thirty minutes each time. Should your eyes feel heavy it’s essential to stop as soon as possible to prevent you from falling asleep at the wheel. Only drive your vehicle if you are confident that it has been fully maintained and is certified roadworthy. Be sure to conduct all the required checks (eg tires) before each journey, too.

With the help of a truck accident lawyer, you will be able to file a Form 50 with the Workers’ Compensation Commission and create a legal claim for compensation. Attorneys can help you gain justice by winning any battle with your employer or their insurance company. Hopefully, you will then be in a position to pay your medical bills and cover your salary losses, so you can move ahead into your future once again.

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