7 Years Passed 7 Ministers Changed Ankara İzmir High Speed ​​​​Train Project Not Finished

the year passed, the minister changed ankara izmir high speed train project is not finished
the year passed, the minister changed ankara izmir high speed train project is not finished

2013 years have passed since the Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​​​Train project, the foundation of which was laid in 7, 7 ministers have changed, not even half of the project is finished. After various opening dates, it is estimated that approximately 2020 percent of the Ankara - İzmir YHT project, which was announced to be put into service in 40, has been completed.

CHP İzmir Deputy Atila Sertel, who asked when the Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​​​Train project would be completed at the KIT High Commission meeting, where the balance sheet and accounts of TCDD were discussed, said, “The foundation of the project was laid in 2012, it was announced that it would be finished in 2020, but only 37-38% of it has been completed so far. . If it goes at this speed, I guess we won't be able to ride. Life ends, the road does not end, but this road seems to never end. The name of the project is fast, but its progress is slow,” he said.


Atila Sertel, who asked TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun when the project, which turned into a snake story, would end, could not get a clear answer about the date. TCDD General Manager Uygun said, “We continue the infrastructure construction works on the high-speed train line planned between Ankara and İzmir in order to make İzmir, the third largest city of our country with its industry, tourism potential and port, and the provinces of Manisa, Uşak and Afyonkarahisar on its route, next door to Ankara. A tender was made by our General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments for the remaining infrastructure, superstructure and electromechanical works. With the completion of the project, the distance between Ankara and İzmir will decrease from 824 kilometers to 624 kilometers, and the travel time will decrease from fourteen hours to three hours and thirty minutes.”


Stating that the targets given by TCDD regarding large or small projects have not been met, Sertel said:

“As far as I can see, one of the most important problems of the State Railways is that the investments are not completed on time. In other words, it is difficult to understand whether the most important problem here is due to the lack of funds, or whether it is given to the wrong people in the tenders and the deadline is extended. As in the example of Izmir, TCDD could not and cannot make its investments on time. Even small-scale projects, which are put out to tender to be completed in a few years, cannot be completed. According to the reports of the Court of Accounts, there are 2020 projects that TCDD has set a goal to complete in 25, and there are 2019 projects that need to be completed in 15. When you look, you see that most of them are not finished. There is a target, but TCDD cannot meet those targets.”



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