Are Vaccination of People Over 50 Years Old?

Vaccination of people over age started
Vaccination of people over age started

As part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, vaccination of people over the age of 50 has been started. Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca, in his statement on his social media account, said, “The vaccination program for our citizens over the age of 50 has started as of today. With the vaccine, we will remove the effect of the epidemic from our agenda. Trust this power. " used the expression.

The amount of vaccine administered exceeded 28,8 million

According to the instantaneous data on "" address of the Ministry of Health, as of May 31st, 01.20, the number of first dose vaccines applied was 16 million 515 thousand 18 and the number of second dose vaccines was 12 million 315 thousand 673.

Thus, the total dose reached 28 million 830 thousand 691.

Turkey ranks 10th in vaccination

The number of people who have received first and second doses of vaccine so far is approximately 29 million. More than 12 million people received a second dose of vaccine.

Thus, Turkey became the 10th country in the world to receive the most vaccines.

Vaccine supply will accelerate

Most of the contracted 270 million doses of vaccine will be taken during the summer. Only 4 million doses of Biontech vaccine will be brought in 120 months.

14 million 200 thousand doses of vaccine are planned to be taken in the first half of June.



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