27 Percent Increase for Civil Servants Working in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Percent increase for civil servants in izmir metropolitan municipality
Percent increase for civil servants in izmir metropolitan municipality

Collective bargaining negotiations between Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the whole Bel-Sen Izmir Branch No. 1, which concern approximately 6 thousand civil servants, have been concluded. Civil servants working in the metropolitan area were increased by 27 percent.

The collective bargaining agreement between the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Izmir Branch No. 1 of the All Municipal and Local Government Services Workers' Union (All Bel-Sen) affiliated to the Confederation of Public Workers' Unions (KESK) has been concluded. A contract involving approximately 6 thousand civil servants working within the body of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, ESHOT General Directorate and İZSU General Directorate, all organized in Bel-Sen, was signed.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor attended the signing ceremony of the contract, which provides a 27 percent increase in civil servants. Tunç Soyer, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Dr. Buğra Gökçe, ESHOT General Manager Erhan Bey, İZSU General Manager Aysel Özkan, All Bel-Sen İzmir Branch No. 1 President Buse Engin and union officials attended.

“Peaceful work of the staff is important”

President speaking at the signing ceremony Tunç Soyer, stating that everyone contributed to the signing of the contract, said, “It is an indication that we have made a good progress in understanding and listening to each other regarding the culture of working together. We will protect it. How can we move it forward, we will think about it. Something happened that made everyone smile. The heart wants to do more. But hopefully there will be those days. It is most important that the staff work peacefully and with a smiling face. It is important for him to be able to work with peace of mind while earning his bread.”

All Bel-Sen İzmir Branch No. 1 Head Buse Engin thanked President Soyer and bureaucrats for their efforts.

Collective bargaining gains

According to the collective agreement covering one year, it was decided to pay all civil servants and contracted civil servants a social balance compensation of 2 thousand 150 TL in addition to the salaries they received. Fuel aid will be 1 TL on May 29 Labor and Consultation Day, 1.000 October Republic Day, Ramadan and Sacrifice Feasts, and 1.000 TL net in December. The 5-day paid paternity leave for male civil servants who have a baby has been increased to 10 days. In the contract, the article regarding the evaluation of the demands of the employees by establishing committees to discuss the issues falling within the scope of the union's duty was also accepted in accordance with the democratic management principle.

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