2021 Red Crescent Sacrifice Attorney Prices Announced

Kızılay has determined the prices of sacrifice attorneys
Kızılay has determined the prices of sacrifice attorneys

The Red Crescent determined the domestic and foreign sacrifice prices with the traditional sacrifice by proxy campaign. Aiming to enrich the tables of millions with the sacrifice shares to be procured, the Red Crescent will keep the spirit of solidarity and cooperation of the Eid al-Adha alive in different geographies of the world.

Red Crescent, which started a campaign with the slogan "If You Keep Sacrifice Abundance All Year Long, Let Turkey Be the Crescent", aims to sacrifice a total of more than 21 thousand shares in 150 countries, including Turkey. The Red Crescent determined the attorney fee for the year 2021 as 1050 TL for the domestic market. Those who want to give a power of attorney from abroad will be able to give a proxy for one share to Kızılay for a fee of 125 Dollars or 105 Euros.

Millions will benefit from the blessings of sacrifice

The Red Crescent, which has planned the qurban aids by taking into account the citizens in distress in previous years, will bless the tables with the sacrifice mandates of philanthropists in 20 countries, as well as in the country. Millions will be reached with the sacrifice proxies to be given to Kızılay.

The Red Crescent Model sets an example in sacrificing by proxy

Thanks to the Red Crescent in the Sacrifice Model of the Red Crescent, the sacrificial animals chosen by the veterinarians for the citizens who give power of attorney will be slaughtered in an extremely hygienic environment in accordance with religious rules in the presence of religious officials, veterinarians and notaries. Slaughtered qurbans will be turned into roasted or canned meat in Meat and Dairy Associations in the country and distributed to those in need throughout the year. Abroad, the victims will be distributed instantaneously. All these processes will be recorded by cameras and the power of attorney will be informed.

How is the sacrifice power of attorney given to Kızılay?

The proxies of philanthropists who want to experience the peace of reaching the real needy by entrusting their sacrifice proxies to the Red Crescent can be sent from Turkish Red Crescent donation accounts in banks, internet banking, Turkish Red Crescent Postal Check account no 2868 of all PTT Transaction Centers, from kizilay.org.tr, 168 They will be able to give from the Turkish Red Crescent's free consultation and donation line, mobile application and all Red Crescent branches across the country.



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