12 Tips for Those Who Want to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

Advice for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way
Advice for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way

Reminding that the increase in time spent at home, limitation of sports activities and unbalanced nutrition trigger weight gain, Anadolu Health Center Nutrition and Diet Specialist Tuba Örnek said, “With the rapid weight loss rush that started with the arrival of the summer season, the tendency towards unhealthy diets is increasing. However, unconscious diets disrupt the balance of metabolism, making it easier to gain weight again.

Anadolu Health Center Nutrition and Diet Specialist Tuba Örnek stated that everyone's metabolism is different and that a healthy nutrition program should be suitable for the individual, "Programs suitable for special situations such as gluten-free diets and ketogenic diets, which we have heard frequently recently, give very good results under the control of a dietitian. Special diets must be applied under the control of a dietitian.

Saying that the Mediterranean diet is the most healthy diet for those who do not have a specific condition, Nutrition and Diet Specialist Tuba Örnek emphasized that the focus should be on permanent solutions, not seasonal, in the weight loss process. Tuba Örnek gave the following suggestions to those who want to lose weight in a healthy way these days when we enter the summer period:

  • Colorful, varied and plentiful vegetables should be consumed.
  • Since summer fruits can be too large, the portion amounts should be paid attention to.
  • It should be fed with fiber. In addition to vegetables and fruits, pulses and foods made with whole grains, shells and unrefined flours can be consumed.
  • Red meat should be reduced, 2 portions can be consumed per week.
  • Fish consumption should be increased, solid and animal fats should be reduced, and olive oil should be consumed.
  • Consumption of foods with high carbohydrate value such as bread, rice and pasta should be reduced.
  • Milk and dairy products should be limited to 1-2 servings per day.
  • Probiotic and fermented foods should be preferred.
  • Evening meals should be kept light.
  • You should drink 2 liters of water a day. Water is very important for reviving metabolism, renewing cells and removing toxins. By adding products such as mint and cinnamon to the water, aroma can be provided for those who do not like to drink water. Water should not be considered a fat-burning elixir.
  • Burning excess body fat is best combined with a healthy and appropriate diet and physical activity. It is preferred to lose 0,5- 1,5 kg per week. As a sport, choose the sport that you love and can continue. Walking for 45 minutes every day can help with weight loss.
  • The method we call “long hunger” can be tried if it is appropriate to revive the metabolism. For example, from 20.00:12.00 in the evening until XNUMX:XNUMX the next day, food can be cut off, apart from water, tea and coffee.

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