What is Vitamin Detox? How to Apply Vitamin Detox to the Face?

What is a vitamin detox? How is a vitamin detox applied?
What is a vitamin detox? How is a vitamin detox applied?

Expert Esthetician Gamze Akman gave information about the subject. Our skin is the most important mirror of our youth and young appearance. In our age, beauty and youthful appearance are very valuable. Having a healthy, beautiful and glowing skin is the dream of many.

Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves with the pace of daily life. Years pass, but unfortunately our skin does not remain the same. No matter how much we try to do our daily care, the traces of our mimics begin to become apparent and even settle on our faces. There is a serious decrease in our skin quality. Vitamin detox application, together with vitamin cocktails prepared with more than 20 vitamins and enzyme ingredients prepared specifically for the skin type of the person, to increase skin quality, rejuvenate the skin, slow down the aging process, remove dead skin, shine on the skin, and most importantly, your wrinkles with the most natural appearance. It performs many important functions such as significantly reducing you without losing mimic.

Vitamin detox is applied in a single session and in two cures. In line with the recommendations of our experts and the needs of your skin, after determining the vitamins suitable for your skin and making it a personalized cure, intense vitamin absorption is provided under the skin with micro dermabrasion technique and injection method. Thanks to this technique, the vitamins given under the skin are better penetrated into your skin.

Dead skin excretion takes place, your skin is repaired and renewed. As a result, thanks to the combined cures of many methods applied in skin renewal and wrinkle treatment, we both increase the quality of your skin and significantly reduce your wrinkles with the most natural appearance.

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