Turkey's Automobile Becomes the Flare Gun of the Transforming Industry

Turning Turkey's automobile became the signal flask of the industry
Turning Turkey's automobile became the signal flask of the industry

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said that with the electric cars coming to the agenda, great transformation winds were blowing in the industry. Reminding that Turkey exports over 30 billion dollars in this sector, Minister Varank pointed to the importance of competitiveness. Emphasizing that Turkey needs to adapt itself in the face of this change, Varank said, "Here we are, with the Turkey's Automobile project, we have started a project that is almost a flare in this transforming industry." said.

Varank visited Kanca Forged Steel company located in Kocaeli Automotive Supply Industry Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (TOSB). While Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın accompanied Minister Varank, TOSB Chairman of the Board Mehmet Dudaroğlu and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Vehicle Supply Manufacturers Association (TAYSAD), Albert Saydam, the company's deputy general manager Taner Makas also spoke to Varank about their work and future plans. gave information.


Visiting the production areas with the workers sohbet Varank painted a drill vice found here. Varank, who also examined the area where the objects collected for the Hand Tools Museum, whose installation work is still in progress, said that this museum will also contribute to the production and cultural history of Turkey.


Making a statement later, Varank stated that TOSB is a highly qualified organized industrial zone where factories serving the automotive supply industry are located, and that Kanca Forging Steel, which started production with hand tools and produced Turkey's first industrial cutters, is a well-established family company.


Expressing that the company produces high-quality hand tools and also produces high-tech hot and cold forged steel products for the automotive industry, Varank said, “It has a direct export of approximately $ 40 million, but with the parts supplied to automobiles produced in Turkey, the majority of its production is in fact abroad. is a company that sends and provides added value. " said.


Noting that the automotive industry is undergoing a great transformation, Varank continued: Especially with the coming of electric cars, the winds of change and transformation are blowing in both the supplier industry and the main industry. Of course, Turkey needs to adapt itself to this transforming automotive industry in order to maintain its competitiveness in the foreign market and to maintain its exports of over 30 billion dollars. Here, with the Turkey's automobile project, we have started a project that is almost a flare in this transforming industry. Here, our companies like Kanca are continuing their production with the products they have been producing for a long time and transforming their production to meet the needs of the new era in this process of change and transformation.


Kanca Forged Çelik Deputy General Manager Makas explained that they focused their R&D studies on electric motors with the conversion of vehicles to electric in the world, and said, “We continue to work to produce the rotor part, which is called the heart of the electric motor, in the electric motors that will replace the crank. As we maintain our competitiveness in classic engines, we also want to be in the race here. Few companies can produce this in the world. Our opponent is Germany. We are also in contact with TOGG. " he said.

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