11 SHIELD II Air Defense Radars Delivered to TAF

tskya air defense radar shield ii delivered
tskya air defense radar shield ii delivered

Within the scope of the New Generation Air Defense Early Warning Radar (KALKAN-II) Procurement Contract signed between the Ministry of National Defense and ASELSAN in 2016, the acceptance of a total of 11 systems has been completed.

KALKAN II Air Defense Radar - HBT Project includes the design and production of the X-Band Multi-Channel RF Rotary Joint and Waveguide unit required within the scope of the KALKAN-II Air Defense Radar Project, carried out by the ASELSAN REHİS Sector Presidency. 19 of the 11 units to be delivered during the project were delivered.

KALKAN-II is a mobile search and tracking radar for accurate and fast detection and diagnosis of medium altitude air targets in 3 dimensions. KALKAN-II is used as the main search radar of the Turkish Land Forces Command Air Defense Early Warning Command Control System (HERİKKS) and the Medium Altitude Air Defense Missile System (HİSAR-O).

With its multi-beam and phased array electronic scanning antenna, it is suitable for use on its own or with command control systems for protection applications in bases, ports, factories and similar critical areas.

The system consists of vehicle and sensor group. The sensor group is mounted on the trailer and it is transported to the operation area by being towed by a vehicle. The operator can continue to work in the vehicle or away from the vehicle and the sensor thanks to the remote command feature.

The KALKAN-II Radar System enables the detection and tracking of enemy air threat elements in low and medium altitude air defense layers in three dimensions, classification as fixed and rotary wing, and friendly force identification for the purpose of ensuring the security of the elements on the directly attacked surface. KALKAN Air Defense Radar, which has been operating in many parts of the country since 2008, is an air defense radar system that has been modified with new generation products by localizing some of the critical units of the air defense radar system.

Source: defenceturk

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